Lewis and Clark

Use the resources below to gather information about the Lewis and Clark expedition.

  1. Watch this short video about the Lewis and Clark expedition.  Consider the text structure of the video and how best to organize your notes in a way that matches that structure. Watch the video a second time. This time take notes on the important information. (Especially pay attention to the three objectives of the expedition, and the final results.) Compare your notes to a classmate’s notes. (Please use your earbuds.)
YouTube Preview Image


2. This link will take you to a short simulation where you become a member of the expedition and make decisions about situations that really did occur to the Corps of Discovery.  Be sure to click on the Did You Know? icon to read  additional information.  Also, be on the lookout for the Journal icon.  You can read brief excerpts from actual journal entries written by Lewis or Clark.

3. Here is an animated map showing the route of Lewis and Clark, and also giving more information about their expedition with the Corps of Discovery.

YouTube Preview Image


3. Click on each step of the interactive map to learn about the experiences of the Corps of Discovery as they traveled to the Pacific Ocean. (Use earbuds or mute your computer before starting because there is a bit of sound at the beginning.)

4. See some of the animals Lewis and Clark discovered and read how they described them in their journals. These animals had never been seen by people east of the Missouri River. Which live animal did they actually send back to President Thomas Jefferson?

5. Test your reading comprehension. Read the short passage about the beginning of the Lewis and Clark expedition.  Then choose questions about main idea, sequencing, vocabulary or details on the menu bar above the passage to check your comprehension.