What’s Happening

September 11 2015


Today we got together with our reading buddies for the first time. We introduced ourselves, interviewed one another and of course, did some great reading. We even created a Secret Signal so when we see one another in the hallways and on the playground we can greet one another.  Our signal means, “Hi Reading Buddy. Can’t wait to see you on Friday!”  We will read together every Friday afternoon. Here are a few pics of our time together.











September 2015

The Great Marshmallow Challenge

Student teams were issued a challenge: Build the tallest free-standing structure that will support a marshmallow.  You may only use the materials in your kit which included 20 pieces of spaghetti, one yard of tape and one yard of string.  You may cut your materials and use as little or as much as you choose.  You have 18 minutes.

Students practiced the skills of listening, planning, compromising, problem solving and celebrating as a team.  After debriefing the activity, we decided that everyone was victorious because everyone learned something about themselves as learners, workers and group members.  We will continue to develop these collaboration skills over the course of our year together.

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