Extreme Weather Cities

Dallol, Ethiopia


Dallol, Ethiopia

What’s it like in Dallol?


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Lima, Peru

Weather in Lima

Foggy Skies

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Fog CatchersYouTube Preview Image

What to do In Lima

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Marquette, Michigan


Living in Marquette

Summer on Lake SuperiorYouTube Preview Image

Winter in MichiganYouTube Preview Image

Read all about Marquette winters!

What is lake effect snow?

Lake effect snow diagrams

Cape Hatteras, North Carolina:

What’s it Like?

What is there to do there?

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Top 5 Most Destructive Hurricanes 

Kuwait City, Kuwait:

Climate of Kuwait City

Things to Do in Kuwait City

Super Sandstorm

Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo

All About Kinshasa

Things to See in Kinshasa

World Lightning Map

Weather in Kinshasa

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