Math Fun

Mathmagician– On this site you can practice addition, subtraction, multiplication or division.

Cool Math 4 Kids– A site that has every kind of math you can think of! Click on the addition button and choose Scratch Addition. It’s a very cool strategy for adding long columns of  numbers. CoolMath4Kids is the perfect names for this website!

Area and Perimeter– Work on Levels 1 and 2 to sharpen your skills. Move on to Level 3 for more complex shapes.  If you make an error, click on the Tips to get some hints about how to calculate perimeter and area accurately.

Thinking Blocks– On this site you will create models to solve word problems.  Definitely watch the short Introductory Video.  It explains how to use the models and find the solution. Use your math journal to do the calculation work required to solve the problems.

Data Analysis Explorer: Gather information about favorite fruit snack flavors and create first a bar graph.  Then do the process again, but this time create a line plot graph.

Choose your question: Gather the data, then use it to create a tally chart, bar graph, and pictograph.  Change the question and gather more data.

Cyberchase– Space Coupe to the Rescue

Alien Angles:  Practice creating angles that are just the right size!

Quadrilateral Sharp Shooter: Pick out the quadrilaterals

Quadrilateral Quest: Similar to Guess My Rule except in this game they give you the rule and you have to find the shapes that match the rule.

Angles Mission: Use your knowledge of angles to collect biorods and save the planet! Fun!  You must know what a reflex angle is to pass through one of the levels.

Protractor Practice:  Use an online protractor to build, measure and estimate angles. How accurate can you be?

Supplementary/Complementary Angle Match: Select the matching pairs.

Thinking Blocks for fractions: Be sure to watch the tutorials first before jumping into the models.

Battleship Number Line Fractions:  Find the correct location on the number line and sink the battleship!

Marker Math: Move the markers across the lines using as few cards as possible. I hope you know your equivalent fractions for this one!

Fractions on a Number Line: Go to ENTER ACTIVITIES and then select LEVEL 4.

Fractions of Pizza: How much did you eat and how much do you have left?  Level 5 work!

Fractions Speedway: Add fractions with like denominators to make your racecar go!

Fraction PacMan: Solve the problem with unlike denominators and eat up the sums/differences. Good luck!