Curriculum Topics


* Emphasis placed on pride in your work and yourself/ craftsmanship

* Service learning projects

* Conflict resolution/problem solving


* Number Sense/ Place Value to thousands

* Measurement-Units and Tools

* Computation & Estimation-adding/subtracting 4-digit numbers, Multiplying 2-digit by 1-digit numbers

* Fractions

* Geometry– 3d and 2d shapes

* Problem Solving

* Data, Probability & Graphs

* Oregon Today

* Geography of Oregon

* Native Americans of Oregon


* Weather Patterns and Impact

* Forces and Motion

* Life Cycle/ Salmon

READING (Fiction and Non-fiction)

-Develop confidence as a reader

-Read a variety of authors, genres, and styles

-Reflect on reading through discussions and writing

-Make connections between and among what they’ve read, seen or experienced

-Comprehend text on  literal, inferential and evaluative levels

-Think critically about the text and the author’s use of techniques

-Incorporate reading into daily lives


-Develop confidence as a writer

-Write in a variety of modes for different purposes and audiences

-Develop composing, revising and editing skills

-Reflect on their writing

-Draw on literary knowledge as a resource for their own  writing



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