Book Trailer for My Side of the Mountain by Jean Craighead George


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Write a short response to this trailer.  Here are a few possible ideas you could write about: Does it make you want to read the book? How?  What wonderings do you have? What predictions do you have?

If you have already read the book: Without giving away too much of the story- Why do you think this book continues to be so popular? What is appealing about the book? What type of reader do you think would like this book?  How did you hear about the book? What made you want to read it?


82 thoughts on “Book Trailer for My Side of the Mountain by Jean Craighead George

  1. I liked the trailer for My Side Of The Mountain because it really got me interested in the book. Now I want to read the book because I want to learn more about survival skills and find out what the boy does to survive. Also I like how the author includes in the book that the boy is not alone, and it makes the book more interesting because he has animals to help him and keep him company.

      • Well I do wonder if the boy will ever find his parents (if they are alive). Also I want to know what happens to him like does he almost die, does he encounter anyone? But I am not wondering too much about the book.

  2. It sort of makes me what to read it because that kinda happened to me while on a hunting trip so I wanna find out how he survives in the wild.
    I actually just got lost for a few minutes but I built shelter.
    Also one of my wonders is that why did run away to live in the wild by himself.
    I predict that he realizes he made bad choice because not all wildlife are friendly like squirrels or birds.

    • I agree with you Kc. I think they will not be very friendly not all of them but, some of them.

    • I like how you predicted that he gets lost but he may of ran away from abuse from his parents witch made him run away but overall he most likely ran away or got lost

    • Kc besides having almost the same experience as Sam. What are some other reasons why you are interested in the book?

  3. I want to read this because it sounds dangerous and probably hard for Sam to learn how to survive by himself. It will be especially hard because he is so young. It will also be dangerous because maybe some animals could attack him and he could get hurt. I also wonder what is happening back home if they are worried or not. I can’t wait to find out what happens.

  4. I have never read this book, but just by seeing the trailer, I really want to read this book. I wonder if sam will survive in the wild. I predict that sam does not have a Mom or a Dad, or any siblings, just the wildlife.

  5. I would love to read this book when it comes out .I have several things to ask like the genre or the timeline . Overall I love the trailer and I hope to read the book.

      • Why do you want to read this book and do you have any comments about this book

    • This book is already out. Unlike a movie trailer book trailers don’t tell you about a book that’s coming out it just tells you about a book.

  6. The book is very soothing and relaxing. It’s all about nature and survival that looks like it.It also is a great book for other people like me i would like to read myself.The book is good for reading to your self and to other people.It could get very interesting and want to know more about the book and what happens at the end of the book.It also is a great book for kids who like survival and nature throughout the book.

    From Kaden

  7. I want to read this book because I love nature and wildlife and, I think you can learn a thing or two from this book. I am also interested in realistic fiction and non fiction and I believe it is realistic fiction. Plus running away from home and living in the forest beside the mountain is very interesting!

  8. I really want to read this book know. It sounds very intresting there’s only one thing I was wondering how old is he?, because it said he learned to survive on his own.

    • I dont think it matters how old you have to be to survive if you saw Petes dragon Pete starts his journy in to the world of survival when he was 3

  9. I think people who like animals and nature would like this book because I saw a lot of trees, rivers, owls. rabbits and more. I like those things too so I want to read this book. It all so looked interesting because I would like to see if the boy would survive on his own.

  10. I think that the book is very interesting and I especially want to know what will happen in this book. I’m wondering if he will survive because there are some vicious animals out there.I like how he is young because it gives you a curios idea of will he make it. I’m also wondering how he will find food.

      • It is interesting because the boy ran away for no reason and I want to know why and I really want to see if he will make it,if he will survive

  11. I think I would love to read this book and I think that the boy will try to survive the wild.This book makes me want to read because it sounds like a really good book. And also it is very interesting.I would love this book because it is n/f and I love n/f

  12. I really think that My Side Of The Mountain would be a good book to read, and I really think we should read it. I think it would be good to read because it involves nature and wildlife, and I think that it might be cool to find out about what it’s like living in nature. That’s why I think we should read it.


  13. I want to read the book because it seems slow, and calm. I wonder how Sam makes a life for him self. How does he get food and water? Why does he run away? I think he will come back at some time because I would think he misses people.

    • I don,t agree that this book is slow and calm I dont think that survival is calm if you read the book hatchet or any other book about survival you will hopefully get what I mean.

      • I mean it seems like there is now a huge plane crash or a huge wolf pack attacks him. It seems like its slow, yes full of action, but slow.

      • I agree with Wyatt S.B. I do not think think that survival is calm I think that to survive you have to be alert and that is not calm. Also when you are out in the wild it is not slow because you are never really relaxing you are always doing something like hunting or making weapons.

        • OK, now I see what you’re saying. But the trailer made it look slow, and sort of calm. But now I agree with you and Wyatt.

      • I guess you are right if you think about survival it is not really that calm is it other animals eat each other and try to survive so not really that calm is it!

    • Well, I guess he might miss people but it seemed like he was happy in the his side of the mountain. I don’t know, because I’ve never read it, but it made his side of the mountain sound so peaceful and great. But I wonder if he will miss his family, and I wonder if he even has a family at all! But then maybe his family will come find him! Either way, I’m very excited to read it!

    • I want to know why he left town too because people would not just leave town for no reason and it really has me hooked and I look forward to reading it!

      • It did say he wanted a quieter life, but if he has a family he must be sad about leaving them! It seems like he should be attached to his home! But maybe that was the reason, we won’t find out until we read the book!

  14. It makes me want to read the book because, it’s a hard life to live. And so many bad things could happen. One of my wonderings was if he was going to survive a long time. Another one of my wonderings was, why did he leave his parents? Has something gone wrong?

    • Those are some great ideas! One thing I was wondering is if he even has parents? or maybe he does, but that’s very interesting if he just ran away from them. I don’t get why he would leave his parents, but maybe the book will tell us what happened!

  15. The trailer did get me interested in the book because it makes me wonder if the boy will be able to survive the wildlife and if he is able to survive and how, how will he do it all the wild animals out there and having to savage for food.
    Another thing i’m wondering about is why its called My side of the Mountain, I think it might be called this because something or someone lives on the other side of the mountain and neither things have gone on to the other side of the mountain.

  16. My side of the mountain looks like a good book. It also looks like a tamer version of hatchet. unlike hatchet the main charicter in the book runs away from home. In hatchet the main charecter in the book is in a plane crash because the pilot has a heart attack. I look forward to reading this book and finding out what happens in it.

  17. this book traler dasnot interest me but I think that it will be a good book enyway . I like animals and I see animals in this traler and every book I’v read in a class read alawd i’v liked.

    • Why is it not interesting, I think you should try it because you said “every book I’ve read in a class read i’v liked.” and you like animals and there are animals in this book! You should read it.

  18. The trailer makes me want to read the book because what I heard in the trailer is it’s about a boy who survives on has own that sounds interesting to me and I saw a part in the trailer about him leaving town I think and I want to find out why he left town so it has me hooked.

    • this book has me hooked to. I think the book looks good because you can get a clear picture on how to survive.

  19. I think that this book is interesting because it draws the reader in during the trailer and it does this because not by making you wonder if he will survive but more of how he will survive. I predict that sometimes he will think about going back to the city but something will stop him, whether a thought or a real item. I wonder what exactly made him want to leave New York and if something did why didn’t he go farther then just over a mountain? I am wondering what parents or guardians did he have and why did he run away from them or if he didn’t have anyone how did he get the money for supplies for the wild? Also if he was alone in New York how did he survive? Was the reason he ran away from New York because he was alone? Or is it because he wanted to be alone?

  20. I want to read the book because I like realistic survival, adventure, and books that take place in the wilderness. I wonder if Sam can live a life in the wilderness?Though I predict that he can live a life in the wilderness and he will create a shelter. It seems that he will make inventions and items to help him live. I wonder what the ending will be like?

    I have read part of the book and it is really engaging because he creates things. You can discuss a lot about the book. It is a good book to read together with a group of people. The type of reader that will like this book is a person who likes realistic survival and adventure.

    One day in 3rd grade I was looking for a book to read and I came across “My side of the mountain”. I thought my Russian Grandmother would like it because she likes survival. My mom and my grandmother have had a situation to survive in the wilderness for a little. It looks catchy and when I tried the book it was good! I recommend this book. I wanted and want a copy in Russian so my Grandmother can read it.


  21. I’ve watched this trailer and I’ve also watched the movie I’ve really enjoyed watching the trailer because it sucks you in, and makes you want to read the book. Since I’ve seen the movie I kind of already know what it’s about. It’s about how the kid learns to survive and experience what it’s like to be in the wild. That boy gets to see what it’s like outside his home. I notice that if I didn’t watch the movie I would know that there would be animals and birds. I’ve noticed nature is fascinating and interesting and there’s so much to learn about. I’ve never read the book but it should have some facts about the outside world.

  22. I think the book looks really good just because how the boy is going on a adventure and is finding a new place it seems like a very good book to read especially for me because I like books that have adventures and mysteries.

  23. I think this book seems very good because I love the outdoors and nature. Something I’m wondering about the book is why he left his home in the first place? I feel he would be excited but in the end he will be lonely and scared, and even maybe want to go back home. When I get the chance I will read this book.

    • olive why do you think he will be lonely or scard is there a reason or do you just feel it. I desegree because I don’t think he will be lonley he might have a lot of animals to keep him company.

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