A Long Walk to Water

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4 thoughts on “A Long Walk to Water

  1. It shocks me to think that some people have to leave their family and all their things like beds or water bucket. They need those things to even stay close to alive.

  2. I felt sad and that we need to do something about this, make a positive change. People like Nya and Salva are in danger we need to help.
    I thought I could not do what Salva did. That seems impossible what Salva did but he did it. He crossed about three countries!
    People in Africa drink dirty water. We should help by making clean water fountains. We should make a difference!
    Everyday girls in Africa walk for eight hours each day. When I saw this I was sad.
    This changed my mind on world problems.
    (Hello world)

  3. What the people in this book do is amazing they walk 8 hours a day and we just turn the faucet on. and leaving our family and our posessions is like nothing we could imagine.

  4. It’s sad because, it’s the only water they have and if they don’t drink it they will die.
    I also can’t even think about walking eight hours a day just to get not clean water.

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