24 thoughts on “What is Cholera?

  1. Cholera sound scary. Like something you would not want to come across. I just hope nobody in our group catches it. I think if anyone catches cholera our wagon train will have trouble surviving. Not only because we need every one on our team, but because it’s contagious.
    I can only hope, Narcia.

  2. I hope my wagon does not catch cholera!!! I’ve heard it spreads like wild fire and kills swiftly. I’m worried that we are going to catch it at one of the forts.

  3. I think cholera is dangerous because we could die I hope one of us will not get it or the
    rest of us will get it and die.

  4. I think that cholera is a very terrible and scary thing to get and means almost certain death. One thing that surprised me and that I think is important to know was that on the second page it said that a girl caught cholera but then her mother gave her hot whiskey to drink and laid a cloth dipped in whiskey on her stomach, she was cured. I think it could greatly affect our wagon train because you will die quickly after catching it. I hope my whole wagon train will make it to Oregon without getting sick.

  5. The cholera sounds like a perilous disease! It causes very bad diarrhea and nausea! If someone gets it they could possibly die! This could slow our wagon company down because we would have to stop and wait for them to get better or die. That’s not good!
    You don’t want to get the cholera!

  6. I know that cholera is A BAD, BAD, disease. Its important to know about cholera because its deadly! Many pioneers of all ages have died because of cholera. I think this disease is A big deal, so I think my wagon company should watch out! We don’t want cholera!

  7. What is important about the cholera is that it is deadly and it can spread quickly. What surprised me is that it was on the Oregon trail and it spread to St.Louis and Sandusky.

  8. I hope none of my cabin mates catch Cholera and the reason why is that it spreads faster than a road runner can run and it kills like *snap* that. That’s why I don’t want to catch Cholera.

  9. Cholera is very dangerous. I think it would destroy our wagon train because a lot of people could die and none of us want to die. It also could effect our livestock then we would have to stay in one spot then eventually we run out of food then we die. So maybe we should buy some whiskey.

  10. I never want to catch Cholera! If someone in our train gets it that a huge problem.
    Every one will get it then. I don’t want to die this soon when we have somewhere to
    go, Oregon! If we catch it we will probaly not survive.

    – Abigail

  11. I thought that cholera was terror to humans. Cholera surprised me a lot of how many people it killed and how painful it was for humans. I really hope cholera doesn’t hit our wagon. If it does hit our wagon we’ll have to pull boards off our wagon or a blanket so I really hope that it doesn’t hit our wagon.

  12. I think we should be very cautious about cholera and make sure we don’t catch it. When people caught cholera they likely died, but still some did survive. Cholera caused terrible stomach aches, violent nausea and in about only one day. This would affect our wagon terribly because if someone in our wagon train got sick and died the number of help we get in problems will go down and in the article it said that sometimes to make the coffins they ripped off boards from the side of the wagon.

  13. The cholera is a monster of a disease!!! It causes you to have a stomach ache, bad diarrhea and really bad nausea! This could effect our wagon company by one of us getting sick or if one us dies and that is BAD! I don’t want cholera!!!!

  14. It really surprised me that you could die in a day with the disease!!!! Usually it would take like a week not a day, and the worst part about it is it spreads wildly and really REALLY fast, and don’t want any of that stuff coming even close to my wagon train. I don’t know what we would do if it did reach my wagon.

  15. That is crazy. I hope my wagon mates don’t get it. What surprised me was in the child page and the Cholera came and got a little girl, first playing second then dead. That scary. I think Cholera will effect my wagon train by it getting are wagon train sick and someone will die. That is bad because it could kill one of our wagon mates and they could help us a lot.

  16. I think its important because its a really bad disease you can get and you will die from. It surprised me because it said most of them died at night but some of them died at day! I think it could affect my wagon because my family or people on my wagon could die. The thing that’s important about the disease is that it can kill you.

  17. cholera is a scary and painful disease because you get really bad stomach aces and super bad diarrhea and you could die but in the article it said a person got better by getting a hot towel with hot whiskey on it and the cholera went away and they felt better.

  18. Cholera is a sickness. that is caused by bad contaminated water or food you could die in a day. It starts with a stumekk aekk. Maney people died because of this mostley on the oergon trail. Sometimes you can cear it by putting a toul with hot wisky

  19. The cholera is a frightful disease that gives you diarrhea and nausea and they are really bad! What the worst possible thing that can happen to you is death! Also it kills you in about one day! If one gets it in a group they all get it almost every time. I don’t want to get cholera!

  20. Cholera is a dangerous thing, and you do not want to get it! If you get it that you are more likely to die than live. I do not want to get it!

  21. What I think is important to know about the disease is that it can spread quickly. What surprised me was that you could get a stomach ache, diarrhea, and nausea. I think it can effect our wagon company because if we pass someone who has the disease we can get it and we can die.

  22. Cholera is a sickness. That is caused by bad contaminated water or food you could die in a day. It starts with a stuekk ake . Maney people died because of this mostly on the Oregon trail. Sometimes you can cear it by putting a toul with hot wisky on it and lay it on you stumic.

  23. My wagon company got cholera, but we survived it. I was afraid we would die, but we are all back to normal. I hope we don’t catch it again.

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