Ramona Quimby, Age 8 Homework Due by Monday, June 1

Today we read the last chapter of our book and talked about the theme of “Family” throughout this book.  With those thoughts in mind, please read the assignment below.

Please reply to this post with one word that you would use to describe the Quimby family.  Support your choice with  specific evidence from the text.  Be sure to edit your response for spelling, punctuation and capitalization before you leave your reply.  Also, read the other replies so you can be sure and not repeat their chosen word.

Ramona Quimby Age 8 Chapter 4 Homework Due by Wednesday, May 20

Are you tuning in to interesting words as you read?  For your homework this week write about a new or interesting word you noticed, give the page number, and tell how you figured out its meaning.  Your word can be from any chapter in the book so far, chapters 1-4.

Example: On page 25, it says that Ramona felt triumphant.  I figured out that this word means to feel proud of yourself for winning.  The words that helped me figure it out are: “With her nose in the air, Ramona squeaked back to her seat,” and “She had done the right thing,” and “She had won.”

Be sure to edit your response for spelling, punctuation, capitalization and grammar. Your response on a blog is public, so everyone will see it.  Also, read through all of the replies before choosing your word so you can be sure you are not repeating a word that was already chosen.

Ramona Quimby Age 8 Chapter One DUE by Friday, May 8

In this chapter we are introduced to several characters.  Focusing on one character, select a word that best describes him/her and explain why you chose that word.  Provide at least two examples from the story that support your word choice. Be sure to cite your source by using the page number.

Here is an example:

I chose the character of Humphrey and the word that best describes him is “helpful.” I chose this word because Humphrey is always trying to do nice things for the families he stays with.  On page 17, Humphrey unplugs the television so the family will not watch t.v. constantly. They end up playing together, and become much happier.  Humphrey helped bring their family together.  Another example of his helpfulness is on page 32 when Humphrey finds a way to put the advertisement on the overhead projector so Aldo can see it.  Aldo reads the ad and meets his new girlfriend. Humphrey helped Aldo to meet new people and stop being so lonely.  Humphrey is a helpful character.

All posts must be edited for capital letters, punctuation and correct spelling.  These responses are public, so everyone is reading them and responding to them.  You want to put your best work on display.  Proofread and edit carefully before you post your reply.



Reading Response Week of October 13, 2014

Today we listened to the song, “A Coat of Many Colors” and used the Sentence, Phrase, Word strategy to get to the deeper meaning of the text, or the author’s message.  This week while you are reading, keep in mind that there is a story that is happening and at the same time the author is writing this for a reason.  Respond to this post and include the following information:

1. Title and author of your book

2. A sentence from the text that gives the big idea of the text and your reason for selecting this sentence. Be sure to cite the page number and write the entire sentence. For example, ” On page 13 the author writes, ‘The boy called wolf, but no one came running.”  I chose this sentence because the most important thing that happens is that the boy finally tells the truth, but no one believes him.”

3. Choose one word that reveals the author’s purpose.  Or you  may think of it as the message the author is trying to tell you.  For example, “The word I chose was honesty because by yelling, “Wolf!” all the time and not telling the truth the village people don’t think he’s an honest boy.  When he finally does tell the truth, no one believes him and the boy is eaten by the wolf.  This is a story that is about the importance of honesty.”

You only need to write one response this week.  As a bonus, you may reply to someone else’s response.  Be sure to edit for spelling, capitalization and punctuation before you submit your comment.


Reading Response Week of September 29, 2014

Be sure to log into the website before you reply to this post.  You can do this by using your email address as your username and a capital P followed by your 6-digit student number as your password.  There is a sticker on your homework sheet this week with that information.

FICTION: If your book is fiction, please answer the following questions.

A. Begin with the title of your book.

B.Then choose one of your main characters. Write a one-sentence physical description.  Tell what your character looks like, wears, gender/creature, etc…anything you can notice by looking at the character.

C. Choose an internal characteristic of that character AND provide evidence from the text that proves they possess that trait.  For example, if you say your character is brave you must then give a specific example from the  book that shows their bravery.  Be specific.  It isn’t enough to say your character is nice because they do nice things.  What were their nice actions?  nice thoughts? nice words?  This should be 2-3 sentences.

NON-FICTION: If your book is non-fiction, please answer the following questions.

A. Begin with the title of your book.

B. Give a one-sentence reason why you chose to read this book.  Did you want to learn something new? Did you want to be entertained?

C. Give a one-sentence explanation of the author’s purpose for writing this book. Was he/she trying to inform? entertain? persuade? and why do you think that?

C. In 2-3 sentences  describe some of the special text features used in your book and what you learned from looking at them.  Some examples are: diagrams, pictures and captions, charts, graphs, maps, glossary, index.

D. List 3 new facts you learned from reading this book

No matter which questions you are answering, all posts must be edited for capital letters, punctuation and correct spelling.  These responses are public, so everyone is reading them and responding to them.  You want to put your best work on display.  Proofread and edit before you hit the POST COMMENT button.