Book Trailer for My Side of the Mountain by Jean Craighead George



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Write a short response to this trailer.  Here are a few possible ideas you could write about: Does it make you want to read the book? How?  What wonderings do you have? What predictions do you have?

If you have already read the book: Without giving away too much of the story- Why do you think this book continues to be so popular? What is appealing about the book? What type of reader do you think would like this book?  How did you hear about the book? What made you want to read it?


Landmarks on the Oregon Trail


Use the links below to take notes and gather images about your chosen landmark.  You and your partner will create a page in the Oregon Trail Guidebook that the pioneers referred to during their journey on the Oregon Trail.  As we near your landmark on the trail, you will present your page (slide) to the class.  Remember that you should provide information about the historical site, not the modern day towns.

Begin by reading this article about all of the landmarks. Then choose the one you and your partner would like to research.

Click here to begin your research. Follow the links provided to get more information about your landmark.

Included on your slide should be the following:

  • Location of the landmark- state, nearby river, or how far it is on the trail
  • Description
  • Image
  • Importance- Why did people stop there? Does it have a purpose?

Louisiana Purchase

It’s been said that the Louisiana Purchase was the greatest real estate deal in history.  Do you agree?

Check out these links to gather important information to help you answer this question. Use the boxes and bullets format to help keep your notes organized.

Ducksters: Get the straight up facts about the LP at this site

Social Studies for Kids: An article with a few links to give more information about the people involved.

Kids Discover: This link shows a map of the Purchase

History Channel: This short video explains more about the “deal of the century.”

Britannica Kids: Hmmm…maybe the LP brought some problems to the country, too. Was it really a good thing?  Watch this short clip for more information


A Long Walk to Water January 5, 2017

ALongWalkToWaterIn our read aloud book, A Long Walk to Water, we have met two characters, Nya and Salva. Choose one of the characters and compare and contrast your life to their life. Reply to this post by sharing something about your life that is different and something that you have in common.

A Long Walk to Water

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Watch the book trailer again and post a comment with your response to this video or wonderings that arose in your mind.  Be sure you edit your response before you submit it to be sure your thoughts are clearly communicated and your punctuation, capitalization and spelling are correct.