March, 6th 2017:Math Facts

Hi Parents,

Your child probably told you about the math facts homework they brought home today. Here is a little background. Fluency (speed and recall) with math facts is an important part of 3rd grade math.  By the end of 3rd grade, fluency within products up to 100 is expected. This month, we’ll be focusing on committing our math facts to memory. If your child does not know a fact “in a snap” encourage them to use a strategy to figure it out. We are moving away from counting on our fingers. For example: If 16-7 doesn’t come automatically, they could use a known fact. (I  know 16-6 is 10, so 16-7 is one more than that. So, it’s 9.) Your child was sent home with 4 sheets of math facts for homework (levels can vary from child to child), one for each night this week.  This packet is due on Friday, along with their  reading response. On Friday,  they will be tested on their math facts. They will get 2 minutes to work and 27/30 correct is needed to advance to the next level.

Please let me know if you have questions!

More info to come later this week about our upcoming field trip and conference sign ups!



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February 23rd, 2017

Hi Parents,


Several children came home with their informational books in binders. They have a little bit of finish up to do at home tonight. They all know what to do. Please send them to school with their binders in the morning. With reading responses and math homework also due, you might be feeling pressed for time tonight. The informational books are the priority. If reading responses need to come in on Monday this week, that’s okay. Just remember to send in the homework notebook tomorrow so we can do Friday journals.


We continued our study of forces this week, this time by considering some of the forces involved in designing a bridge (as an activity your child designed and tested their own bridge made of paper).

One fun thing you can do to support this week’s learning is sit down together with your child and enjoy browsing through some of the world’s most intriguing and extraordinary bridges (see link). Based on what they learned in class, your child might point out to you where the bridge’s weight is supported.

Crazy Bridges!

Thank you!

We had fun previewing the Science Fair this afternoon. Lots of neat projects!



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February 17th, 2017

Dear Parents,

This week in science we started our unit on forces, called “Invisible Forces.” Your child learned how almost any action one can imagine consists of a push or a pull, or as scientists call them: a force.

In class your child was presented with a list of action verbs like “drag,” “lift,” “press,” and asked to decide whether they were pushes or pulls. You can help support your child’s learning by continuing this at home. Try applying it to actions that might be of personal interest, like the actions involved in a favorite sport (a throw, a hit, a slam dunk, a tackle, etc.). Also, be sure to ask your child about their “Hopper Popper” and how it relates to pushes and pulls.

Reading responses are due tomorrow and Friday journals will go home. A math sheet was also sent home today.

Please submit any book orders for February by tomorrow. I will put our class order in after school.

Next week, I could use some parent  help during our writing time-10:45-11:40 Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday.  Please let me know if you are able.

Lastly, some children will be bringing home their writing folder over the weekend. They need to finish up some lingering chapters in their informational books. Please check with your child on Friday to see if they have work to complete at home over the weekend.

Thank you!

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Sunday, February 12th

Hello Parents,

I hope you all enjoyed a fantastic weekend. Didn’t the kids do a great job at Rhythms? I LOVED their dance.

This week is Read to Us Week and we plan to have a guest reader in our classroom every day. I believe we have a heart surgeon, Rose City Rollers representative and a judge on our schedule! Exciting!

Friday journals went home over the weekend. Please look over the letter your child wrote to you and reply. I know our Fridays have been bumpy with all the snow delays/closures, but generally if we have a normal, full day of school on a Friday you can expect the Friday journals to go home over the weekend.

Valentines and boxes are due on Tuesday. Don’t forget our new student, Evan!


Thank you!

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February 9th, 2017

Hi Parents!

Rhythms is tomorrow! We’ll see you at the 10am or 1pm show.

Reading responses are due tomorrow as well.

We welcomed a new student, Evan yesterday! Please add him to your class list for Valentines.

Please check travel folders every day. I am sending home assessments as they are scored as well as  class work that needs to be finished at home.

Thank you!

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Valentine’s Day Homework: Due Tuesday, February 14th

Dear Parents,

Wow, a 3 hour delay. I think that’s a first! We had many kids absent today, so I am attaching files of the Valentine’s Day homework I sent home today.

Valentines Day


I also sent home some unfinished work with many students. Please complete this work at home and return to school on Monday so we can start fresh.


Have a great weekend!



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Class Work 2.2.17


Please read or listen to the article and answer the questions in the packet.


Climates Reading

Click to listen

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Newsletter 1.30.17

Dear Parents,


Please check your child’s homework notebook for the pink weekly reading response.  We ran out of time to glue it into the next blank page (reading tab) of their homework notebook, so they’ll need to do this at home. Also, starting now a full page of writing will be required for the weekly reading response. I’d recommend writing a few lines each night to craft a quality response to turn in at the end of the week. Biographies will be going back and forth for home and school reading.


This week in science we are exploring the mystery, “Why are some places always hot?” We learned about the idea of ‘climate’–that in every place on earth, the weather tends to act a certain way over the year. Your child learned how there are five basic climate zones: polar, temperate, mild, desert, and tropical. You can continue to support your child’s curiosity by talking about a friend or family member who lives in a different climate, and discussing how that climate affects their life. Or look for aspects of our local environment which show what kind of climate we live in.

Permission Slip for the Oregon Food Bank

A blue permission slip went home on Friday. Please sign and return by the end of the week and note on the form if you’d like to chaperone.

Have a great week!



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Science Update!


This week in science we explored the mystery, “How can you predict when it’s going to storm?” We learned about differences between fair weather clouds and storm clouds, and the role of wind direction in determining whether a rain cloud will pass overhead. You can continue to support your child’s curiosity by looking at clouds together and asking, “What kind of clouds do you think those are? I wonder if it will rain…” Ask your child if they’d like to show you their Storm Spotter’s Guide, a small book they made to help them remember how to use the clouds to predict the weather.

Next week, we’ll learn about climate, geography and global weather patterns.


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Science Work

In Class Work 2/25/17

  1. Please click on the link below to read the assigned article.
  2. Answer the questions on your worksheet.

Summer Vacation Reading





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