What is a region?

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Learn about our great state and its different regions!

Learn about the regions in Oregon : http://guidetooregon.com/regions/index.html


Regions of Oregon Video- We are learning about 7 regions in Oregon, but this video takes you on a tour of some of the regions!

Region Resources:

Coast Range: http://theoregoncoast.info/



Lower Columbia: http://www.crgva.org/


Willamette Valley: http://www.travelportland.com/ http://www.eugenecascadescoast.org/



SW Mountains: http://southernoregon.org/

Columbia Plateau:http://www.visiteasternoregon.com/explore/places/northeast/

Great Basin: http://www.go-oregon.com/Ontario-Oregon/






Facts about Oregon:



Oregon State Flag

Location of Oregon State

Capital: Salem

Population: 3,899,353 (Source: 2012 U.S. Census)

Major Cities: Portland, Eugene, Salem, Gresham, Hillsboro, Beaverton

Borders: California, Nevada, Idaho, Washington, Pacific Ocean

Gross Domestic Product (GDP): $198,702 million (2012 U.S. Department of Commerce)

Key Industries:
Agriculture including wheat, fishing, dairy products, Christmas trees, and cattle
Timber, paper products, electronics, computers, and tourism

How Oregon got its name: No one is quite sure where the name Oregon comes from. It possibly came from the previous name for the Columbia River, the Ouragan. This was a French word that meant hurricane.

Atlas of Oregon State


Oregon State Map

The Geography of Oregon

Total Size: 95,997 sq. miles (source: 2003 Census)

Geographical Low Point: Pacific Ocean at Sea Level (source: U.S. Geological Survey)

Geographical High Point: Mt. Hood at 11,239 feet, located in the county/subdivision of Clackamas-Hood River (source: U.S. Geological Survey)

Central Point: Located in Crook County approx. 25 miles south-southeast of Prineville (source: U.S. Geological Survey)

Counties: 36 (source: National Association of Counties)

Bodies of Water: Crater Lake, Malheur Lake, Upper Klamath Lake, Columbia River, Snake, Willamette River, Pacific Ocean

Oregon State Symbols

State Nickname: Beaver State

State Slogan: We Love Dreamers; Things Look Different Here (1987-2003); Pacific Wonderland (on its license plate 19594)

State Motto: Alis volat Propriis (She flies with her own wings) (1987)

State flower: Mistletoe

State bird: Western Meadowlark

State fish: Chinook salmon

State tree: Douglas Fir

State mammal: American Beaver

State foods: Pear, Hazelnut

Becoming a State

Date admitted: Monday, February 14, 1859

Number admitted: 33

Prior Name: Oregon Territory

Postal Abbreviation: OR


Famous People

  • James Beard – Famous chef called the Father of American Cooking
  • Beverly Cleary – Author of children’s books including the Ramona Quimby series
  • Jacoby Ellsbury – Professional baseball player
  • Matt Groening – Cartoonist and creator of The Simpsons TV series.
  • Tonya Harding – American figure skater
  • Philip Knight – Co-founder of the shoe company Nike.
  • Kevin Love – Professional basketball player
  • Chief Joseph – Leader of the Nez Perce during the Nez Perce War
  • Brent Musburger – Sportscaster
  • Linus Pauling – Nobel Prize winning chemist
  • River Phoenix – Actor
  • Steve Prefontaine – Track and field athlete

Fun Facts

  • Hells Canyon is the deepest river gorge in the United States.
  • Oregon does not have self-serve gas stations. You must pay for someone to pump your gas.
  • At 1949 feet deep, Crater Lake is the deepest lake in the United States.
  • The Oregon state flag has a beaver on the back. It is the only US state flag with a different image on the reverse side.
  • The University of Oregon mascot is the Ducks. Go Ducks!
  • Oregon has the most ghost towns of any state. Booooooo!
  • It is the only state to have an official state nut, the hazelnut.
  • Portland is known as the City of Roses.
  • The Oregon Trail went from Independence, Missouri to Oregon City. It was 2,000 miles long and was used by people to travel west during the 1800s.
  • No one knows for sure what the word Oregon means. It was used by the local American Indians to refer to the river.

Professional Sports Teams

  • Portland Trailblazers – NBA (basketball)
  • Portland Timbers – MLS (soccer

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