September 11th, 2017

Hi Parents,
Our first reading response went home today in the reading tab of homework notebooks. Please read it over with your child, and have them come back to me in the morning with any questions. Reading responses are always due on Fridays and the homework notebook can stay at home until then. We do need homework notebooks to write in our Friday Journals, so please make sure those notebooks do come back at the end of the week. Nightly reading of a “just right” book should be about 25-30 minutes.
A pink Technology Use Guidelines form went home today. This needs to be signed in order for your child to have access to the nifty chrome books that just rolled into my classroom. Additionally, the yellow Google Apps agreement that went home in the packet you received at Open House will also need to be signed and returned for students to have access to their Google accounts. A lot of paperwork- I know!
If you were unable to make it to Curriculum Night, I sent home a packet of information. We will also have time to talk at conferences next month.
I’ll try to send book orders home every other month or so and the first pamphlet will go home tomorrow. Our class activation code is JT2N8 and I’ll submit the book orders by the end of next week.


In science today, we learned about flowers: what they do for the plant, how they work, and more. We are working to solve the mystery, “Why do plants grow flowers?” (It’s to attract pollinators!)
You can help reinforce this week’s learning by asking your child to find a flower in the house, yard, or neighborhood. Ask your child, “What has to happen, in order for this plant to grow seeds?”
Please check out the blog for access to our specials schedule (library is tomorrow) and other helpful links.
Have a great afternoon!
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