May 16th, 2017

Dear Parents,

ABC Countdown

I sent home a copy of our ABC countdown to the the last day of school yesterday. I’ve included another copy here for your reference. I feel strongly about keeping a routine until the last days of school, but there’s no harm in adding in a little bit of fun!


Homework this week

We are taking a break from reading workshop this week, so there will be no reading response homework. I did send home a green math packet which is practice for the math performance task. Mad Minutes also went home. Both math packets are due on Friday.

Nightly reading should still happen:)

Testing Update

We are continuing with the ELA performance task this week. We may start the Math CAT test later in the week, or we might wait until next week. It depends how many kids complete the performance task. The kids continue to impress me with the care and focus they are giving these tests.

Mystery reading unit-begins next week

I’m excited to begin a new reading unit next week-Mysteries! Tomorrow at library, I will be asking AT LEAST one of the books your child checks out to be a mystery. They will also need at least 2 mystery books at home (more if they read quickly) to read as we work our way through this unit. I’ve attached a nice list of recommended mysteries  here.


Have a great week!

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