April 3rd, 2017

Dear Parents,

Welcome back! I hope you all had spring breaks filled with fun, relaxation and maybe a little Vitamin D! I sure enjoyed seeing your kids this morning and hearing stories of their vacation adventures. Spring is a busy time here at Willamette and even busier in 3rd grade, due to state testing in May.

State Testing

We will be testing from May 1st-May 19th for about 1 hour per day. Students are tested on the computer exclusively (scratch paper will be provided.) Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium (SBAC) test contains 2 parts-reading and math. These tests have two sections-the Computer Adaptive test (CAT) and the Performance Task (PT.)

Computer-Adaptive Test (CAT)


The assessment consists of 40-45 text-based questions.  Students will spend 40-60 minutes reading and answering a few questions each day.  Breaks will be provided as needed.


The assessment consists of short answer questions from all different math strands. These questions may include multiple choice, equation response, multi select, drag and move to complete a table or grid and use a line tool.


Performance Task (PT)

Reading Students read two short nonfiction articles and take notes.  Then, using information from the text, they organize and write either a narrative, opinion essay or informational essay (depending  on which prompt they receive). They will work for 30-40 minutes per day, with breaks.

Math Students are given a real life story problem and asked to answer multiple questions all related to the same situation.

We started going over the training test in class today which begins by teaching students about the different types of problems they will encounter on the test. SBAC prep will become a regular part of our week in preparation for the tests in May.

For your reference, you can follow the link below to vieew the practice and  training tests.

SBAC practice tests


Field Trip-this Wednesday

We are kicking off our annual food drive with a visit to the Oregon Food Bank. We will leave school about 8:40am and return around noon. We will have lunch in the classroom, so please pack a home lunch for your child on this day.  If you would like a school sack lunch, please let me know by tomorrow morning at the latest .

Important information from the Oregon Food Bank: For safety reasons, you WILL BE TURNED AWAY for improper footwear and clothing. Shoes must have closed toes and heels (no sandals, clogs, mules or high heels). Shirts must have sleeves (NO TANK TOPS). Temperatures in the volunteer areas can vary. Layers are recommended.

I will send a separate email to chaperones this afternoon.


If you missed conferences before Spring Break, I am offering a make up conference time this Wednesday, from 2:20-3:30, drop-in, open house format. Depending on how many families come, I may not have time to meet with each family individually, but I will be sure to quickly connect with you while you are here.


Reading homework looks a little different this week as it is SBAC practice. A pink article is glued into homework notebooks. A white packet also went home with practice questions related to the article. The packet is due on Friday and we will correct it together in class.

Math facts practice also went home. I’ve moved all students up to multiplication as we need to master these facts by the end of the year. Fluency with addition and subtraction facts should still be attained if your child is not yet proficient in these.

Food Magazines

If you have any magazine with photos of food (Cooking light, Real Simple etc. ) please send them my way. We need them for an art project.


Thank you!


Have a great week!


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