Wetland Dilemma for New Beaverton High School

Read the Oregonian article below about the problem the Beaverton School District is having with building the new high school in an area that has a lot of wetlands.

After you finish reading the article, respond here under the comment section about your thoughts and reaction to the issue.  Do you think they should build the sports fields around the high school, even though it would mean damaging some wetlands?  Why or why not?  Write a FULL PARAGRAPH explaining and backing up your opinion.

Wetland Dilemma Article

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19 Responses to Wetland Dilemma for New Beaverton High School

  1. austin says:

    I think they should not destory the wet land. Why: because it would destoty anmale habatat and it would kill anmales

  2. kaia says:

    I think that they do not need 6 ball fields for a high school. I think that they shouldn’t take up all that space to make fields for the high school because when they are making those fields they are destroying the wetlands that are very important to the environment. I also think that they do not need such a big parking lot and that would take up a lot of space and that means that they are destroying more of the wetlands.

  3. megan says:

    I think that this new High school should not be able to have the parking lot and their fields. One of my questions is why do they need so many fields. If I got to choose if they should tear down the wetlands or not I would keep the wetlands where they are because the wetlands are important to the environment. A good solution for this would be to make the fields in a different location because it wouldn’t hurt the students to walk a little ways to get to the athletic fields.

  4. cooper says:

    i do not think they should put the sports field there because wetlands are valeuble to our community because they support a lot of life, for one thing and also because they are natural filters and sponge s and they can easily put the field some where else

  5. Ellie Jo says:

    I think they should not build the field because we need the wetlands and animals live there so we would be taking away their habitats. I think they should build it somewhere where the wetland isn’t or make the field apart from the school because I wouldn’t want to ruin the wetlands and the animals homes. If they did take out the wetland I would hope it will just be a little bit, but still I would find some other way to make the field without ruining the wetland.

  6. Julia says:

    I think that it is not necessary to remove a wetland to put in softball fields. Wetlands are valuable to the community they help filter our water and keep the town from flooding. There is no reason to remove a wetland when you could easily locate the softball fields somewhere else nearby. Of course there is the slight chance that they would not be able to find a good nearby location. If they can not find a good nearby location they could always take out the smaller of the two wetlands that was only .16 acres and put a softball field there. But I think no matter what they should not remove the bigger wetland.

    See you guys tomorrow!

  7. alex b says:

    i think that they should not billed the school there beacus it will distroy the wetland, We need wetlands beacus wetlands help the ecosestum. A wetland is like a sponge it suck’s up water offer time and then it lets the water out clean, it ceeps it from flooding.

  8. Derek says:

    I think that they should go along with the regular plans and make more wetland connected (like with the Willamette wetland) so there is still lots of wetland and the school doesn’t have to change anything.(:

  9. Josie McLaughlin says:

    I think that they should keep the wetlands for science and natural beauty. They will be able to learn from these areas. I also believe there should be enough fields for all students to play sports. A wetland is very important to the environment I think they should find a open space close to the high school that does not hurt the wetlands so there can be a girls and boys soft ball and baseball field. I do not think they should hurt or destroy the wetlands.

  10. Emma says:

    I think that it would be a bad idea to take down the wetlands! Yes, they would have to travel to the sports fields, but wetlands can’t travel can they? If they toke down that wetland then what would stop pollution from coming their way? Where would the animals that lived in that wetland live? I think that maybe they should just move the school to a whole new place. That’s how much I believe that they should NOT destroy it!!!

  11. Simon says:

    I think that they should not build the sports field over the wetlands because it would destroy many habitats and then where would those animals live. Also there would be more pollution.

  12. Lily says:

    I agree with Emma. I think at least I acre of wetland should remain. As it mentioned in the article, they could use it for science class. It’s not that hard to travel a little farther to get to a sport field. Wetlands help our community stay clean. That to me is more important than sports. I know I don’t want to live in a community that if full of pollution and have to swim in rivers with garbage and trash floating downstream. Yes I think a high school should be built, but I don’t think wetlands should be destroyed.

  13. michelle says:

    I think it would be a bad idea that they should take down the wetland! where would the animals live in there wetland live? They would travel to the sports fields, and wetland can NOT! They should just move the school away from the wetland and not bother it.

  14. Wyatt says:

    I think they shouldn’t construct a baseball field because people should respect the wetlands and all they give us. They give water to the plants, animals and people on earth. We should protect areas like wetlands so there are more open spaces and nature. We shouldn’t just build over every piece of land we see. We need to protect wetlands!

  15. Will Sand says:

    I think they should build the sports field. The Beaverton district needs a new high school and the sports fields need to be fair between boys and girls. The “wetland” is currently a hay field. If the school were not built it would just stay a hay field. The district will spend 3 million to restore a 0.81 acre wetland and if they restored 3.3 acre wetland it would be 12 million dollars. They should build the sports fields and restore a portion of the hay field to wetland. Everyone wins.

  16. Aiden says:

    As we have studied in class, wetlands have a great impact on our echo system. They provide great nature and help prevent floods. We need wetlands. When people destroy wetlands to create malls, restaurants or schools we are damaging earth. Destroying the wetlands to create sport fields would be a bad idea. I agree with the idea to place the sports field at a close location somewhere around the area. Protect environment. We do not want to ruin our echo system!

  17. Bryce says:

    I think they should put some of the fields down and definitely not 8 tennis courts! Four would be enough because they should save space for some of the wetlands so there’s still a place for animals to live! Because it would be destroying animal habitats And nature!.

  18. lauren says:

    I think they should build it around the wetland not over the wetland because I think it is important to animals and plants. So I think they should build around the wetland or move it and live the wetland live.

  19. Benjamin says:

    I think that that the high school really shoudn’t build the sports fields because, if they don’t get rid of it, the wetland will help the learning for science. They could go to the wetland and study it and learn more about wetlands. Plus, the wetland will keep pollution away from the school and the school will most likely be cleaner. I think that if they get rid of the wetland, they will regret their own decision.

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