Homework Expectations

Homework Folders and  Homework Notebook (composition book)

Homework folders are used to transport homework notebooks, newsletters and completed/ corrected work home. Please make sure to check homework folders each evening and send them  back to school the following day! 

Homework Policy and Expectations

Homework is assigned and given on Mondays and is due back on Fridays, unless otherwise specified. Homework is designed to review what we’ve covered in class, practice strategies, and help build good study habits. The priority for homework this year in third grade is reading! Everyday your child will have reading homework, in addition to another area of focus. This will be math, poetry, or a writing task. We may also send special projects throughout the year.

If you feel your child needs work with additional skills not provided in weekly homework, please use the resources on the blog!

 Independent Reading

Students are expected to do at least 25-30 minutes of reading each evening (Monday- Thursday). They may read with someone or to someone, but your child should be doing the reading! The homework expectation is that students fill out a reading log to track their nightly reading.  I would like students to read the same  “just right” book at home and school for continuity. Their book and homework notebook should come home every night and  return to school the following day!

Homework Expectations

  •  All homework should be completed in pencil.
  •  All work must be labeled with name and the date.
  • All work must be completed by the student!
  • Work should be neatly and carefully written so that it is easy to read.
  • Work should be edited for:
    • Capital letters and punctuation in the correct place
    • Spelling
  • Take pride in your work and always remember ask “Is this my best?


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