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34 thoughts on “Salmon

  1. Fry have their yoke sacks in order to eat because they are too young to go out and eat by themselves. They can get eaten by predators.

  2. I learned that they tested salmon to see if they were healthy. If they were okay they let the salmon go back in the ocean.

    I liked learning about the salmon life cycle.

  3. I cant believe that they grow so fast. I think its amazing how the turn red. and the song…..its crazy. I think that little fish was stuck and trying to get out because it was like going crazy. It is weird how they turn red. I want to learn more about how they turn red. It is really cool. All the stages are eggs, Alevin, Fry, Parr, Smolt, Adult and Spawning .

  4. salmon life-cycle
    by:Olivia Wang

    egg,alevin,fry,and parr the beginning of the life -cycle.
    smolt, adult,spawers too,then the dinner plate AHHH!

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