Mrs. Schmidt’s News 2/23/15

Field Trip: On Thursday, 2/26, we will be taking the field trip of Portland Bridges!  Please let me know if you child needs a sack lunch from school to take on the field trip.  This is an all day field trip and your child needs a snack and a lunch. We will leave Willamette at 8:00am, so it is very important that your child is not tardy this day.  We are scheduled to return at 2:00.


Parent Conferences: Student led parent conferences are scheduled the week of March 16th.  I will begin conferences on the 16th after school.  Your child has been working very hard and will show you first hand what he/she has been up to.  Your username and password for the conference PASS system will be emailed to you by the office.  Remember to use the correct login information for each child and corresponding teacher.  If you have any sign-up questions or need help, please contact the office!  You can register the morning of 2/25.  Thank you for making time to attend reserved times for conferences.


Maternity Leave: To keep you in the loop, I plan on going on leave April 6th.  Which means my last day “planned” day of teaching is April 3rd.  Hopefully, he doesn’t come early.  Mr. Pryor and I have found a wonderful, experienced, long-term substitute to fill my shoes when I go on leave.  To help make a smooth transition, we plan on having her visit the classroom and get to know the kids and routines.  I will have more information on our long-term sub in the future.  :-)


Thanks for signing up for conferences on Wednesday!  Have a wonderful week!

:-) Andrea

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