Energy Transfer

Please answer the following questions in your writing journal. Use complete sentences. Be specific. Use good language.

  1. What does energy transfer mean?
  2. What was the simile that some scientists use to describe heat flow or energy transfer?
  3. Does energy move in a direction, or is it random. Please explain.
  4. Give 2 or 3 examples of energy transfer. Be specific.

3 thoughts on “Energy Transfer

  1. heat it transfers one place to another in a little time period.
    enregy transfer in all direction so like if you poor water it dose not flow in the same direction every time you get water.
    energy transfers by kinetic energy moves the heat one place ot another.
    kinetic energy

  2. Fun homework! If it is possible I would like to have this homework more often, Mr. Sloan! I really am seeming to understand it really well. Are we going to add something like this into our Science Books this year Mr. Sloan?