Below you will find a link to a list of verbs. Search through the list find between ten and twenty good verbs. Add the verbs to your journal. Spell every word corerctly. I’m expecting to see these words in your writing in the weeks ahead. Good verbs are the key to writing a great sentence.



Here is a link to the list of nouns we were using in class. Please add to your list. Spell every word correctly.Add 10 to 20 new nouns to your list.

Plants: Structure and Function

 Dear All of You,

Below are some links to web pages that focus on plants. In particular, these sites discuss the structures and functions of plants. Structures are the parts of the plant. Functions are what they do, or their job. Go to the sites. Read. Study the diagrams (pictures). In your rough draft writing journals make a list of the main parts of a plant and describe their function/job.



Energy Transfer

Please answer the following questions in your writing journal. Use complete sentences. Be specific. Use good language.

  1. What does energy transfer mean?
  2. What was the simile that some scientists use to describe heat flow or energy transfer?
  3. Does energy move in a direction, or is it random. Please explain.
  4. Give 2 or 3 examples of energy transfer. Be specific.

Build a Circuit Baby Check out this link. It’s fun. Start by opening the link. You will see a diagram of an electrical circuit. Click on “run now.” Then start building. All you have to do is click and drag. Please build the following: 1) A simple circuit. Use one switch, One light, and wire to build a circuit. 2) Now try with two switches, two lights, and wire. When you’re done try the grab bag. Which of the objects are conductors and which are insulators?