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Similar to our thinking about The Cay, write a book review about a book that you have recently finished. Here is my example of a review about The Cay.

The Cay is a fictional story set in the time period of World War II. The setting for the story is the Caribbean Sea, specifically the island of Curacao and a small cay (key) located miles away from any inhabited island. During WWII, Curacao was a colony of the Dutch. The people who lived on Curacao included the native people of Curacao, people from the Netherlands who moved to Curacao, and people from America who also likely moved to Curacao to work for the oil refinery business. Oil from nearby country, Venezuala, was shipped to Curacao before being shipped to distribution centers. Tensions and fear were rising on Curacao when neighboring islands experienced destruction from German torpedoes. The Germans were targeting any ships that were suspected of carrying oil. Can you guess why? If you figured out that oil was an important resource in a time of war, then you are on to something. The Germans were angling to cut off oil sources in order to limit Allied Forces’ means of transportation.
One of the main characters of the story is named Phillip. Phillip is a 11 year old boy from Virginia. His father works in the oil business on Curacao. Upon learning that Curacao could be the next target for the Germans, Phillip’s mother makes arrangements for herself and Phillip to return to Virginia. Phillip reluctantly obeys his mother and the two of them board a ship that is bound for Florida. One of the rising action moments in the story is when Phillip and his mother experience a torpedo bombing of their ship and they are thrown into lifeboats. The attack caused Phillip to be thrown from the lifeboat; he also received a blow to the head from a crashing board. Phillip is knocked unconscious, but 4 hours later he awakens to find he is on a different lifeboat without his mother in sight; instead, Phillip discovers he had been rescued by a native islander named Timothy. Phillip is horrified, and later experiences the loss of sight. Can he trust his safety to a person he already distrusts because of the color of his skin? Read on and find out!

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