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by admin | September 23rd, 2014

We have finished reading The Cay and you have had the opportunity to view the movie. I was disappointed to see the book end! I thought it was a fantastic book to read as a class. I am interested in reading more of Theodore Taylor’s books. Please share your thoughts about the book as a comment below. I encourage you to consider how your thinking about the characters and the story changed as we read all 19 chapters. What about the book will stay with you for a long time? What wonderings do you still have about the story? I keep thinking about if the story continued, how would Philip be living his life? How did the events in the story shape him as a person? I look forward to reading your thoughts! Remember, proofread your post before you post!

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  1. The movie was great even though it was 50 minutes long. I think that first, Timothy and Phillip weren’t getting along together when they were together on the raft. Phillip was kind of lazy before he met Timothy but now, Phillip started to do a lot of the work like making the mattresses, fishing, climbing coconut trees to get coconuts etc. In the book that will stay with me for a long time is when that Phillip disliked timothy and when they stayed together for a long time Phillip was liking timothy. I still have questions about the book like what happened to Phillip after he was back at Curacao. Did the Germans do a lot of damage and will they come back again? I think that if Phillip grew up he would never forget the time he was with Timothy. Phillip might grow up to be a fisher or would be a modern person like everyone else. Would Phillip leave Curacao and go back to New York or somewhere else?

  2. I liked the movie but not as good as the book, because the book was more understandable to know what was going on. But in the movie I liked to see what was going on so that I would know what things looked like in the book to. Also that was an interesting book because it was just like trying to survive in the middle of nowhere. But I also think that the movie should have showed the beginning of the story just like in the book. I liked the book and I think we should read something like it again.

  3. I think that one thing that will stay with me for a fact is when Phillip went blind.Another thing that will stick with me is when Timothy died.I really enjoyed the book a lot though!

  4. My wondering’s still about the book are, who did he stay in Florida with, are Timothy’s friends in Florida or at home. One thing that will stay with me is Timothy’s death and Phillip’s blindness.I think that reading another book like this would be great I loved this book so much.

  5. I liked the book a lot, I know that I will remember the part were Phillip said when he was blind that it was better for him and the time where he asked if Timothy could be his friend and I agree with Audrey the book was better then the movie.

  6. In the book the cay, I thought that Phillip changed the most, but I thought he changed mostly once hen was blind for a long time, because soon Phillip had to start to work on important work, and we couldn’t site in the hut Timothy made, because he had to do his own work a lot of the time. I am still wondering what happened to Phillips mom, and what she went through. I am still wondering what will happen to the cay. I am also wondering what will happen after the end of the book. I have really enjoyed reading the cay, and I can’t wait till the next book we read!

  7. i loved the cay a lot my most favorite part was when Phillip got back home but the story is also sad because timothy dies and he was the friend that Phillip had on the cay.

  8. The book The Cay left me with lots of inspiring moments like the Tempis and when Phillip climbed the Palm Tree. I agree, the movie is not as good as the book but it is still cool to see how they would make it and compare it to the book. Timothy and Phillip had had a great friendship by the end of the story. I also think we should read some of Theodore Taylor’s other books. Reading the cay has been very fun and I have learned a lot from it.


  9. When we read the book The Cay, I was really sad when the book ended because it was such a good book I just wanted to read the book over and over again. But I loved the book!!!!

  10. I really liked both the movie and the book and kind of like Audrey said I like the book more than the movie but it was good to get a picture in your mind of how the movie would be with all the things. Phillip definitely did change a lot during the story like when Phillip was on the boat he was being very selfish and wasn’t thinking about later on.

  11. I really like this book. It is really inspiring because Phillip and Timothy really bond. When Timothy died it was tragic to Phillip. I think Phillip really changed because he learned to have a squishy brain about his blindness.

  12. i think that when Phillip became blind and the torpedoing that part will stay with me and another part that will stick with me is one timothy died after the storm.I thought the fantastic!! Also i loved that it was teaching us too.

  13. I really enjoyed “The cay.” Something that will stay with me for a long time is that Timothy died. You don’t really expect it to happen because he is a main character. Another thing is how Phillip went blind. I mean, sure, he goes blind, but its HOW he went blind. I never knew you could go blind by getting hit in the back of the head. One thing I’m wondering about the story is, “why did the author choose this kind of story? Why did Timothy have to die? Why did the author choose to have Timothy die?” I have a million other questions, but I only chose those 3. I think Phillip is going to have a good life. Because in the end, I remembered Phillip gets his vision back, only he has to wear sunglasses the rest of his life.

  14. I loved the book more then the video but the video was great. The thing that will stick with me for a long time is when Phillip went blind and also when Timothy died. I wonder if the book kept going then what would Phillip be doing right now and also I am wondering about the future of Phillip’s life. The things that shaped into a character were the things he did on the cay when Timothy wasn’t there. He learned how to swim blind, build a fire, make shelter for himself and other things but like I said, I think the book is better then the video because I don’t know how but I feel like the book is more realistic then the video even though it was fifty minutes long.

  15. The part that will always stick to me about that book is when the raging storm was coming and when it finally came to the part of the storm Timothy tied him and Phillip onto a coconut tree and Timothy taking the full force of the waves to save Phillip from getting hit by the waves, in the end, Timothy died but I think that Phillip was even lucky to be alive still at that moment.

  16. This story was a good one. I like how the author made Phillip blind. It made his work a lot harder, but he completed it anyway. I wouldn’t have been able to survive without Timothy, especially while blind. Phillip showed great strength in this story that I wouldn’t have been able to use. Phillip was a strong character in this story.

  17. The cay is a good book. I like the part in the book when Phillip starts to know the cay. I think the saddest part of the book and the movie is when Timothy dies:( What I want to read now is Timothy of the cay. I think that book will be good. Once again the cay is an awesome book:)!!!!!!!! OK on the weekend or something I’ll try to get my grandma to bring me to the West Linn library to get the book: Timothy of the cay.
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