Check out what’s in the news! Yellowstone Park shows evidence of a food web in action

by admin | September 18th, 2014

Look what’s in the news! Let’s think about this again now that we have studied food webs some more…..

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  1. The most important lesson to be learned from what happened in Yellowstone national park was that when the humans took away the wolfs, there were more elk and deer, and they ate all the trees so the beavers and bears went away because there was no food so all the eagles and other birds went away because there was no animals to eat. I think this was the most important thing to be learned from the article and the video.

    – Maya

  2. The most important lesson to be learned is that every animal in a wildlife habitat makes an impact, and that if you change something in food wed you can change a lot more. For example, when you take out the wolves the elk and deer population grows, and if that grows, the aspen and willow trees go away because elk and deer would eat them. Also, wolves provide food for other animals so more animals would leave.

  3. The most important lesson to be learned from what happened in Yellowstone National park is that when you remove a species of animals then that will disturb the eco-system and the Food Web. Here is how the food web works in Yellow Stone National Park. So we already know that a food web represents the flow of energy better then a food chain. The food web in Yellowstone is just like any other food web

  4. When I saw the video again i really found it interesting. mainly because of how many animals wolves brought back. also plants. and I thought it was amazing that they can change rivers. when I went there last summer I didn’t think anything like that happened there. and wolves brought back like 20 animals and they brought back like 2 animals each and then all the plants grew from there not being that many deer in places. and I found it cool that it all happened in 6 years.

  5. The most important lesson to be learned from what happened Yellowstone Nation Park, was When the wolves came back to the Park and killed off some the deer, which made the deer move to safe areas, that made lots and lots of vegetation grow, because the deer were eating all the grass and trees, and then lots more animals came to the park, and the wolves also helped the water, somehow they made more pools, ponds, and the rivers bigger, so the wolves really helped everything by coming back to the park.

  6. What was the most important lesson to be learned from what happened in Yellowstone National Park? Make sure you include how the food web works in Yellowstone. If you remove a species from Yellowstone park such as the wolves. If there are no wolves than the elk and deer population would grow and the aspen trees and willow trees would decrease. The wolves are really important because without them there would be rarely any species.

  7. The most important lesson to be learned from Yellowstone Park is that wolves are super important to the food web in Yellowstone Park. IF you remove a wolves our any other animals Yellowstone Park would suffer. sense they removed wolves some animals died and some over populated, but when wolves came back every thing went back to normal.

  8. The most important lesson to be learned from what happened in the Yellowstone National park is when the wolves returned to the park in the 1960′s. They changed all kinds of animal life and plants. Because of the wolves the population of much grew. Aspen trees, foxes, beavers, small birds, bald eagles, bears, blackberry bushes, mice but the most important of all were the rivers. The geological land forms became to change drastically. There was less erosion and they were narrow, more pools formed everything was great to the wildlife. This is how the wolves changed all behavior in the Yellowstone National park.

  9. I think what we learned from Yellowstone is when you remove a species it will ruin the eco-system. When the wolves left the park the deer population grew and nothing could kill the deer. The deer eat the vegetation, they ate all the vegetation. When the wolves came back they killed some of the deer the vegetation grew back. Then the other animals came back.

  10. What is the most important lesson to be Happened at yellow stone national park? The wolves changed the land animals and water. Once they left everything started to go like, the grass, and so the mice and deer leave because they eat the grass so the hawks left because they eat small animals like mice and it goes on. So I’ve learned that if you take one animal from the food web the food web falls apart.

  11. I think the most important lesson to be learned at the park was that if you rid an animal out of its habitat the entire ecosystem will change. Like when the farmers who lived near Yellowstone saw wolves as a nuisance predator, the wanted to get rid of them for good. When the wolves were gone the entire ecosystem changed. The deer and elk ate tons of aspen and willow, and they increased from 6,000 to 14,000. So you see you can’t take a predator out of its home or it’ll change the entire ecosystem.

  12. The most important lesson to be learned from what happened in yellowstone national park is to not let other populations grow higher then others then the food web will change like mice, hawks, rabbits and other animals will start to grow then more and more populations grow then some populations will die out then eventually a population will grow to much and over run the other populations.

  13. The most important thing that wolves changed was the rivers. They changed the rivers by regenerating the forests and it stabilized the rivers by the banks so they wouldn’t collapse so often. They also changed the rivers by scaring away deer and elk in some places so the soil became more vegetated and that also helped the rivers. Wolves grew the population of other animals like bear, hawks, bald eagles, mice weasels and more. First the wolves changed the behavior of deer and elk from eating the plants because the area that they are in. The deer and elk could be trapped easily. So the trees started to regenerate and that meant more song birds and beavers because the beavers liked to eat wood, which helped other animals like ducks, amphibians and reptiles because the beavers liked to build dams. Also the bears and bald eagles start to grow because they feasted on the left over’s of elk and deer. The bears started to eat more berries. This all changed because of the wolves.

  14. In Yellowstone, there were deer everywhere, eating all the grass eating all the bushes, but one day a big pack of wolfs came to Yellowstone, they scared of the deer and the deer started to learn to avoid places and when the deer were all gone, the plants started to grow the trees started to grow berries more to increase the bear population the beavers came back for the plants hawks started coming when the mice and weasel population grew and from what the wolfs did the river started moving in different directions. Yellowstone parks population kept on growing and growing.
    and that`s what I learned from Yellowstone park.

    From, Rochne

  15. IN YELLLOWSTONE the number of wolves decreased causing the whole eco system to be thrown off. deer population grew which and they were eating all the vegitation.But when the goverment brought back the wolves animals came back and beavers ,eagles,mice,weasels,and other animal started coming back.the return of the wolves also stabilized the river,the dear weren’t eating as much vegitation as they were,wich ment the water from the river wasn’t creating pools.

  16. The most improtant lesson to be learned from what happened in Yellowstone park is that you should be more careful when messing with the food chain.The consequences are terrible. For example when the Yellowstone park people decided to go and take away the wolves The rest of the animals collapsed.The wolves kept the Elk population down which made sure that the Elk didn’t eat all of the grass.Then all the animals that needed the grass and plants had things to eat.That kept all the animals in balance.When the wolves weren’t there things got out of hand.

  17. The most important lesson to learn from what happen was if you try to change one thing from the Eco system everything can fall apart. for example, when the wolves came back to Yellowstone national park the deer and elk started avoiding some parts of Yellowstone national park, because it was easier to hunt down the elk and deer. Also when the wolves left Yellowstone national park, it effected the Eco system. Like when there wasn’t a lot of vegetation left because there weren’t any wolves to kill the elk and deer so it was over populated with deer and elk. So that is one way how when the wolves left Yellowstone national it effected the Eco system.

  18. Taking a species from an environment can be a huge problem, especially a species that has no enemies! That population can’t control the rest of the animals, and that isn’t good, because the animal that would be controlled would probably eat all the grass, leaving none for other animals,starving them. luckily, scientists today know not to take an animal from an environment, so populations will be controlled.

  19. The most important lesson in the video was how wolves changed Yellowstone National Park. In 1982 is when the wolves came in Yellowstone National Park. and they were predators but they hunted the animals that were not helping Yellowstone National Park. in only six years other kinds of animals started to come like foxes,birds,mice and baled eagles. and then they started to change the rivers because before they had no beavers so beavers came in and helped the by making dams and the other animals helped the trees and made a erosion because of the wolves.

  20. The most important lesson in Yellowstone is the if you move an animal that is in the food web you will have consequences like the animals not having food and the animal population will grow from their prey not alive.

  21. The most important lesson in Yellowstone park is that if you take a species like wolves out, land forms wont be how it is supposed to be so when the wolves came along the wolves killed the dear and plants grow and more
    bears came and more mice more chipmunks came and more birds came and the wolves also made the water look much better water falls and more water was there.

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