Hello Class! Leave a comment and tell us what you have been up to!

by admin | July 9th, 2014

I just returned from a road trip to Glacier National Park in Montana. My family camped on both the west side and east side of the Park. If you’ve never been to Glacier before, it is for sure a place you’ll want to try and see in the next decade. Why you may ask? The glaciers are shrinking and scientists predict the glaciers will eventually melt entirely. Additionally, Glacier is a fantastic place to visit if you want to be among some large animals….we saw a moose, some mountain goats, and unexpectedly, we ended up very near to two grizzly bears! The grizzlies did not seem threatened by us, and we carefully backed up on the trail to give them plenty of space. Here’s a photo that my sister captured on her camera (you can see the bears in the middle of the photo):

photo of grizzlies on hike in Glacier

I would love to hear what you have been up to! I have already read 3 books. I am on my way to the Wall of Reading Fame when we get back to school. Remember, 8 books or more gets you there, too!

Post a comment and let me know what you have been up to!

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  1. My family and I just came back from the redwoods trip.
    How we got around to places was not by car but by r.v. during the trip, I went on a sand dune for the first time. Why we saw sand dunes is because we wanted to see more then just the redwoods so we got their slowly to see lots of different places. Anyway, we also went to the Lake Shasta caverns, I learned many different things there and through the whole trip, we had loads of fun!

  2. My family and I were just up in Rhode Island for my dad’s cousins wedding on the way there and back we have been through: Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, New York,Massachusetts, Ohio, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania and Iowa I have been to around 23/24 states in total.
    -Ella :)

  3. Mrs. Riley I just went to Grand Rapids MI and took a road trip with my grandparents back to Reno NV, so I could see my uncle and my ant with their 10 month year old baby boy. After I stayed in Reno for 4 days, and then my mom came and drove me up back to Portland. When me my brother and my mom arrived at the Chicago airport it was 12:00 am Chicago time, and then at 12:30 my ant that lives in Chicago pick us up at they airport. We stayed with them for 2 nights and 2 days, and then my grandparents picked us up on Sunday morning, and then drove us to Grand Rapids MI. in Grand Rapids Sunday to Sunday. We got to go to the john ball zoo, and visit my ant Lani on the 4th of July. We went swimming in Lake Michigan on 4th of July. On Sunday night we stated are road trip from Grand Rapids MI, to Reno NV. We went to these 9 states, Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, Nebraska, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, and Nevada. I past these 6 Rivers, the Mississippi, North Skunk, South Skunk , Missouri, south Platte. We also went to Tetons and yellow stone national park. We saw lots of buffalo, and saw old faithful, and then made are way to Reno, and paddle board on Lake Tahoe.

  4. Summer Adventure
    Right after school got out I went to Maui HI. We stayed at the 4 Seasons for a week. Then we went boogie boarding and then snorkeling. We went to a place called “Turtle Town” and saw lots of sea turtles. We also went to a reef and my mom and sister saw a shark! A few weeks later, my sister, my grandpa, my dad and I went to Seattle to watch a Mariners game and had dinner at the Metropolitan Grill. We stayed in Seattle for a night. Then, towards the end of the summer my nana came to visit from Massachusetts for my dad’s birthday. We decided to go to Manzanita Beach for his birthday. When we were at the beach we went to Shortsand beach where there were a lot of cool rocks and tide pools. Then on the way back from Manzanita we went through Tillamook and went to the Tillamook Air Museum which used to be a giant blimp hangar. It is a giant free standing building and there used to be 2 but the other one burned down.

  5. Summer Adventures
    This summer my family and I went to Bend, Oregon and went to Painted Hills, which actually looked like someone really painted them! Then after that we went to Fossil (the city) and went fossil digging and found some fossilized leaves! And then after that we went to the coast and found two sand dollars! (Full, not broken.)

  6. Summer adventure
    Over my summer I went to Sun River, driving was great; I read most of the time. When we got there we went to our cabin (once we got the key.) Our cabin had 5 rooms, then we went on a biking trip to the Village, the Village is a shopping center. When we got back from the Village we rested, but not me, I went bike riding around the cul-de-sac seeing squirrels.
    Every day in Sun River we went biking about 10 miles (that’s what my dad said.) One day when I woke up I went biking and saw some deer, they were so cute. One hour later new deer came and there were two babies and a mom! The deer stayed there all day. My family and I went to many places like the stables in Sun River the marine and a lot of paths.

  7. My summer adventure
    This summer I went fishing and caught a lot of bass and a lot of them were baby’s that was when I went camping we only camped for about four day’s but we were suppose to stay for a week but we left because my brother got stung by a bee and it was my grandma’s birthday the next day and because my brother keep on getting fevers.

  8. My summer vacation

    This summer I went to the beach with one of my best friends, Conner. My brother found a surfboard in the cabin that we stayed in and so he made a promise that he would try and ride every single kind of board that he could. Then Conner and I went really deep in the water when the tide was coming in.
    And we thought it would be cool if we took the board out and held on to it so if the waves went too high we wouldn’t sink and then a sneak wave knocked us under. I had a really good time and when we got back I learned how to ride a Rip stick which is basically like a shopping cart, scooter and a skateboard all in one I actually got really good soon I was doing slides and passing cars then Anthony called and said that he had a Rip stick too. So I came over and brought it with me. Anthony and I went riding from 3.00 all the way until 10.00 at night. Then we had a sleep over and then rode to Safeway and got lemonade. And we just decided to freestyle and see what we could find. And right when we were about to just go home I saw a little trail and my curiosity took over. It was perfect there it was a perfect skating area a big sign said Barrington heights there were huge houses and pools everywhere. And the hills they where unbelievable!
    So me and Anthony started from the top and bombed the hill all the way to the bottom.
    I had a great summer and I wish I could do it all over again

  9. This summer I was playing baseball for the West Linn all-stars. We won our state tournament and our regional tournament. We qualified for the World Series in Virginia. At the World Series we got 5th place. Even though we didn’t get first we still had fun. When we were there we got to go to the Lincoln memorial and the white house. We also got to go to George Washington’s mansion. We went to the underground railroad. We also got to go white water rafting in grants past it was really awesome we got to jump off high rocks there and I almost fell in the water. We went with some friends of ours.

  10. Summer Adventure
    This summer I was playing soccer and baseball all summer long, Most of my summer I played outside and laid low. But towards the end of the summer I went to my first mariners game with one of my friends, the game was really fun even though they lost. I also went to the Beavers first football game they won but the coolest part was that I got on the big screen. The last event that I had was I went to sunriver for 1 week, I was sick there most of the week but I still had fun we went to the pool a lot the house we stayed at had this cat probably a stray that would stay on our patio in a chair we named the cat Fuzzy. We also captured a frog and we made a cage for it, at the end of our trip we had to let the frog go and say goodbye to Fuzzy.

  11. This summer we went to the beach with my Girl Scout troop. My mom rented a beach house which was $800 or something. We raised $398 dollars, and we were going to go to ka-nee-ta with the money we earned. But my mom said there would be no shade. She said it would be at least 104 degrees out, and that we could actually DIE. So I was all in on going to the beach. Besides, the beach house was HUGE!!! One time I’ll never forget at the beach was when we were walking up to the beach house. Izzy and I were just talking and walking, chatting about where we were gonna sleep and just normal things. Maddie and Athena were were looking at the shells they collected, and the younger kids were giggling at me. Everything was cool until my sister, Julia, yelled “bear!!!!” Izzy and I spotted something small and brown. We hugged each other and screamed. We knew it was a baby bear, and were ever the baby is, the mamma bear is too, right? Then we heard Julia say, “wait, no, that’s just a brown cat. Sorry, guys.” Angry, I yelled “JULIA!!!” Izzy looked mad, too. Julia looked at me “What? It was standing on its hind legs and it looked like a bear. You can’t blame me, Taylor. You and Izzy thought it was a bear, too. ”. Izzy just shrugged and I grunted. I still haven’t forgave her.

  12. My summer adventure.
    I went on a hike by the Gorge. We had to walk over a log jam all of the the logs have fallen off the cliff and made a jam. On the hike there was no trail we had to walk on rocks and we had to walk in water. My mom said we might get our feet wet and so we were trying to walk on the rocks in the water, torts the end of the hike by the water fall there was water we had to walk through the water was all the way up to my lips and the water was ice cold so the first time to get over to the water fall I went on my mom’s back threw the water and the second time going back I climbed through this really steep rock. We also saw Multnomah fall on our way to the hike. We also passed by the Crown Point the windiest place in the world.

  13. First we were going to go to the beach for ten whole days! That was very exciting. But sometimes we just go down there for 2 days to check on the trailer that we stay in. We got there about 1:30 pm. So it takes about 3 hours to get there and when we did, the first thing that me and my family did was go down to the beach right across from The Sandpit. That is the name of the trailer area. Okay so we got down to the beach and it was very warm and there were dead skinned fish that the pelicans and seagulls were eating off of, and I picked one up and took it and threw it in the ocean and then I picked up another one and my Mom and Dad took a picture. Then I and my cousins went boogie boarding in the river. We played and made sand castles for about an hour then we headed back to the sandpit. We went downtown to the arcade and had pizza for dinner, and then it was night and we had this humongous dance party.

  14. I went to my sisters boyfriends house they have 8 kids in their family but there is only 1 girl. I was going because they were going to a camp Emma really wanted me to go so I got to come. We had to bring 2 cars and 1 RV. There family was one of the helpers of the camp if they weren’t a helper I wouldn’t be able to go because the camps for older kids but my sister was a leader for her group. The camp was in Idaho, we were in the car for a while but when we got there we got to do a lot of fun things like, tubing, swimming, water fights, and silver wood! Silver wood is a water park and a amusement park I had lot of fun there.

  15. My family and I had a great summer. One of the things we did were we went up in the mountain and stayed in a cabin. We went with my grandma and grandpa. There were games to play, sports, and a lake to swim in. We also went fishing. At the lake there were frogs that were as big as your pinkie! You could pick them up and play with them and here them making little frog sounds. They sounded like crickets. Then we would play ping pong. We would just laugh and have a great time. We were there for 3 days. I had a lot of fun!

  16. Summer adventures
    This summer I got ready for visiting my grandparents in Indiana. Once I was ready, it was about five thirty or six, and we were waiting for my dads girlfriend to pick us up to drive to the airport. Once we got at the airport, we went straight to our gate after security. Once we got to the gate, we had to wait a little bit until the A-30 passengers could board. We were in the B group, so we had to wait about 10 minutes before we could board. Once we were in line, it took almost no time before we were on the plane. We flew half way across the United States before we had to stop. Once we had landed, our flight would be ready for about an hour and a half, so my sister set up a small little camp site next to an electrical cord. Me and my dad sat next to her playing War. After a little bit my dad and sister went over to a small market place so we could get some food. Once they got back, we still had to wait a while. But once the plane was ready we got in line. When we got on the plane, it wasn’t that different from the last plane, so we did pretty much the exact thing that we did the last filet. My sister was watching her new show she found on the internet, I was on my phone, or just watching the things on my sisters show without being able to hear it, and my dad would we asleep most of the time. So once we landed in Indiana, we were all exited to finally be there. We had been there a few times so I remembered what was in the big room outside the doors that led to where we had to be picked up. We set all of our stuff at a table. My dad came back with candy bars for me and my sister, Ceci. We sat there while my dad went to a near my restaurant. Soon after that, we had to go outside to wait for my grandpa. Soon my grandpa’s car was there to pick us up. It was a big red car that looked just like our car but it was red. The car ride to the house takes about two hours, but I always fall asleep on it so it wasn’t ever that long of a drive for me. Once we got there, the first day we couldn’t do anything because we got at the house late. But the next morning we ate breakfast and then went straight to my grandparent’s boat and went tubing! Me and my cousin Max would always go tubing together. It was always bumpy out on the lake so it was a fun ride. The next three days was pretty much tubing and jet skiing. But soon it was the fourth of July. At seven thirty, we went of to a concert. At the end of the concert was the best part. It ended with a big explosion of fireworks. All glittering across the sky. Once it was over, we went home to ride out on the boat on the lake to see the fireworks there.

  17. My dad and I and 5 of my friends and their parents went backpacking with us. We did it by a huge waterfall. When we went down by the waterfall we found over 20 small frogs, they where croaking all night making croaking noises. Later we found a few fish swimming by the stream. My friends and I tried going spear fishing we killed about 2 small fish. Staying on a rock was like trying to run on a slick floor with socks. We tried to stay on but we fell about 12 times so we stopped after a while and went swimming there was a 20 foot drop off after you walked a few feet. We tried walking through rapids it was so hard to get your feet out of the water it was like you where stuck on super glue and there was only one way out… walking towards it when we were leaving we got to go up by the waterfall it was awesome! We found lots of quarts around there it was so shiny it was blinding. On the drive back we saw a brown bear or a grizzly we weren’t sure it looked like it was chasing something. We then went home.

  18. My family and I went to Las Vegas for about two weeks. At Las Vegas the only things that were exciting for me was seeing two shows and going to buffets. The shows we saw were master illusionist and blue man. The guy who was performing in master illusionist was Jan Rouven. My family and I also went to a water park in Idaho called roaring springs. The scariest rides for me were the avalanche and the corked screw driver. The avalanche was about 50 feet tall and it was a two person ride so I went with my brother. The avalanche is like a big curved shape thing that you would swoop down and then up and down again until you stopped. The corked screw driver was a one person ride. On the corked screw driver you would go straight down vertically and you only go about 5 feet. Next you would go down and to the side and down again. I entered this pod looking thing with a trap door on the bottom. My heart was pounding as I entered. Someone said “are you ready?” I nodded. As the person pressed a button and a door went over me as the door went “clunk” the trap door opened. I raced down the slide not knowing what happened and came out in about 15 seconds. I met my brother waiting for me. After we left Idaho my family and I we went to Utah to see a few national parks and went quad biking in a small desert. I didn’t know how to drive so I went with my dad. After quad biking we went to the red wood forest to go camping for about 3 days.We cooked marshmallows and sausages and made hot dogs after camping we went to another camp site for about two days we went fishing and my grandpa caught all the fish. and that was the end of my trip.

  19. Summer road trip
    This summer I went to Pennsylvania in Philadelphia and visited my godfather uncle fun on my Dads side. My godfather had two kids and a lake house. Me and my brother learned how to wakeboard. Around the lake house my uncle had friends who would rent a lake house too. Uncle fun had a son named Sebastian who got top 10% in the country for being smart. And a little girl named Bella. And I was also was in a parade and we would ride little golf carts. We would swim wakeboard and just driving around.

  20. My summer adventure,
    This summer I moved to Oregon to live with my older sister and my grandparents. I got here by flying on an airplane by myself!!:) .It was really fun and scary. On the plane I got to pass out the pretzels and peanuts to all the people. It was fun!!!
    When we got home we went swimming in the pool. The pool is very cold. I love to play with my old friends every day. I love to walk to the store every day with my sister. I love Oregon so much!!!!!!!!


    This summer I did a lot of things but my favorite thing was going to Seattle. It was a three hour drive to get there. The first thing we did when we got there was get to the hotel and rest because we got there around 7:30 PM. The next day we got on a monorail and went to downtown Seattle. Then we got on a cruise around Seattle. After the cruise we went to the Seattle Aquarium and saw the very first squid or octopus ever kept in aquarium. After the aquarium we went to the Space Needle. We went all the way up to the observatory and saw all of Seattle. Then we went to Pike Place Market but it was already over. Then we went to the EMP museum but it wasn’t open yet. So we went back to the hotel and came home the next day before school started. I had fun in Seattle.

  22. My Summer Adventure
    This summer I did many different sorts of exciting things. At the beginning of the summer my family and I moved up to Oregon. We moved up to Oregon to be closer to family. After, we arrived I played a baseball Memorial Day tournament. There we got first place out of eight teams. After baseball season was over, soccer season began. Once soccer began, my family and I went to Seattle to visit our cousins (who were visiting from N.Y.) and our other grandparents. Up there we played disk golfing, played tennis, and played soccer for hours. We also went canoeing and watched teenagers jump off a bridge that was 40ft. in the air. Once we got back from Seattle we went to the beach with the same grandparents that were in Seattle. We spent the weekend in Seaside a block away from the beach. After the weekend was up I went rafting with my family for the first time. Once we wrapped up the week, we ended the summer by going to the beach for Labor Day with my grandparents here in Portland. We saw seals and a whale, went looking for animals on the reefs and visited the world’s biggest sea lion caves. Once we wrapped up the week we then started school and here we are now. I loved this great exciting summer! By: Cameron

  23. MY SUMMER ADVENTURE At the start of my summer, I started my summer All Star season, with my coaches,
    Coach Nance, Coach Kadel, and Coach Johnson.
    We won State, won Regionals, and were off to the Cal Ripken World Series which was in Virgina.
    We went to 2 for 3 in the end, we were all disappointed… REALLY, disappointed when we lost our last game in the World Series. But we all knew that’s the way it goes some win some lose.
    After the World Series was over we stayed around to watch the last games, then when I was there my dad got me a wooden bat.
    When we were back in Oregon my grandma came along with my uncle and aunt to spend some time at a the plane museum. When we first got there I spotted some old fashion tanks off to right of both museums. My uncle spotted what kind of tanks they were right away…Russian. When we got inside I spotted the biggest ever plane ever built on earth, I heard that this plane is 20 yards bigger than a football field but when I looked at it seemed like it was longer than three football fields. The place was amazing, we stayed there two hours strait we finally left back to go home again.
    A week later my other side of my family, my Grandma and Grandpa came out to meet us at the beach, we went to the beach and I spotted some seals sitting on a rock and they were pretty big too. We also found some of the biggest and coolest anemones, one of those anemones was closed and was still a foot long, the cooler kinds were some small pink and white kind I didn’t dare touch even though my dad touched them. After that we went to go get some Mo`s Clam chowder when we finished eating clam chowder my stomach said to go get some more but I was prepared to go. We went home and got ready for the first day of school.

    Sincerely, By Rochne

  24. Grant, I went camping too! Did you see any animals? – Jack

  25. Maya, how was it digging fossils? I was going to go but, my family and I went to SunRiver instead. – Levi

  26. Hey Cameron, I’ve also been to the largest sea lion cave in the world. – Grant

  27. Dear Maya, I went to the coast too. I went to Manzanita Beach, where did you go? – Shepard

  28. Anthony,that’s really awesome. I wish I was there sounds like loads of fun. – Braiden

  29. Taylor.W, that sounds like that would be a hard move. Why did you move up here again? Do you miss Texas at all?

  30. Dear Audrey, your story is amazing and exiting! I loved it. – Daniela

  31. My Summer Adventure

    This summer I had a great time at California. My family and I left mid July early morning to go to the airport. We left from Oregon and flew to LA, California. When we arrived we drove to my Aunt and Uncles house. We spent the rest of our day there. After a nice breakfast, we left the next morning and drove to Disneyland! We spent two magical days there riding scary rides, eating yummy food, and lots of patience in the lines. We stayed in one of the Disney hotels and it was very nice. My most favorite ride at Disneyland was Space Mountain. After two days of lots of walking we were going to leave from Disneyland to San Diego. Our hotel was right next to the Bay which was really fun to play in. In San Diego we got to do lots of things such as go to the beach, paddle board at the bay, go to Sea World, and visit San Diego University where my parents went. We stayed in San Diego for 4 days. The trip was really fun and I was very interested and excited. After the 4 days in San Diego we had to sadly leave. We drove to the airport mid day and flew back to Oregon. I was counting down the days to go to California now I am counting down when we can go again.

  32. Dear, Levi
    I have never been to Sun River, but I have heard it is a very great place. I really want to go there. What did you do there? – Mason

  33. Levi,
    Digging fossils was awesome although it was really hot! You should be glad that you got to go to Sun River, I want to go too, but my parents said when I’m older.

  34. Grant, how many days were you in Las Vegas? – Daniela

  35. Dear Rochne,
    It looks like you have had lots of fun in Virginia! But I’m wondering how it looks there what is different there from here?


  36. Daniela, It sounds like you had a lot of fun there.Was it pretty?

  37. Taylor.W, Do you miss Texas at all?. Well, I am happy that you moved to Oregon- Erika

  38. Shepard, I also went to a Mariners game. Do you know who they played?

  39. Maya, that sound like an awesome summer!!
    Did you find any other cool things on the beach? like sea glass or anything like that. – Megan

  40. Erika,
    I love to fish.Once I went fishing and I got a terrible fish smell in my nose. I wouldn’t eat anything at all. I got so sick.- Taylor.W

  41. Dear Rochne, I also went to a air museum, I went to the Tillamook Air Museum which was HUGE. Where did you go?

  42. Megan I also went to Multnomah falls before. Did you go to the top? or the bridge?

  43. Taylor that’s really cool was it really 104 degrees?

  44. Audrey, how many places did you go to this summer? was that your first road trip? I went on a road trip 2 summers ago it was fun I hope you had lots of fun!!

  45. Dara I also have been to Seattle, but didn’t go to the space nettle. Is the space nettle cool?

  46. Grant, I also went camping it was really fun. Do you know were you stayed? -Caleb

  47. You are quite lucky Kace, I wish I could have been at the white house. Did you meet the president, or did you go inside the White House? What was George Washington’s Mansion like, was it bigger than the houses on the street of dreams? And was the Underground Railroad really underground?/Cameron

  48. Dara, at least you got to see a lot of places.
    - Chloe

  49. Dear Erika,
    that sounds fun. My brother caught 3 sticks. :)

    – Taylor G

  50. Dear Mrs Rileys class

    on the second day of school in P.E they made us run for 12 Minutes no walking on a full size track! I kept running for 11 minutes 40 seconds I went 2 miles, (the next day it was to hot) now they go easier on us (we’re training for 5k). I am in 5th grade band and orchestra (Flute and Cello) and in a much more advanced orchestra called CVYOMN (Canyon Valley Youth Orchestra Minnesota, I’m in Hayden orchestra) . We had map testing today and 50 yard dash.


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