November Notes

November and December are months that I love in first grade. The children are settled in, and have increased stamina and perseverance. We have come along way in working together as a community of learners and friends!

Thanks for your support with home reading! I am adding a twist this week – a reading log. I am asking that your child write the title of the book, how many minutes he/she read, and get your initials. Some of the children are still working on being responsible for bringing the books back each day, and here are a few tips and reminders you can use to help him/her with consistency in this year-long routine.

  • The folder comes home each day, Monday through Thursday. (Look for other papers and/or announcements and finished work that may be in the folder. Only send back what’s in the “Return to School” pocket in the folder).
  • There will be a new poem to read together, along with a book from the classroom that he/she has chosen.
  • The folder comes back to school the next morning, and if the previous day’s book is returned, he/she is allowed to choose and take home another.
  • To keep track of the book, remind your child to return it to the folder when he/she is not reading it, and to keep the folder in the backpack.

Please send a healthy snack to school with your child each day. Please also chat with your child about not asking for a snack unless they truly do not have one. There is an increasing number of children asking for a snack each day, and often they ask because they may like my snack better, or they just don’t want to eat what has been sent. I understand that there are times where a snack may be forgotten for whatever reason, and once in awhile it is fine to ask me for a snack. And speaking of snacks, we are quite low so if you wouldn’t mind donating a box of crackers for kids who forget, it would be greatly appreciated!

Last week we started a new Math unit, Comparing and Combining Shapes. This is a study in 2-D Geometry. There is a parent letter in Monday’s folder explaining the concepts, and you can always go on my blog with your child to play some of the games in the unit. Going back to Unit 1 games once in awhile is a great way to keep their skills sharp with addition and subtraction! In class we are also still working with numbers, telling time and money.

In Writing we will continue to write personal narratives this month, choosing one piece to edit and publish. Next month we will start informational writing.

Starting our leveled reading groups is taking a bit longer than I had anticipated, but we will get going over this next couple of weeks. It takes a good deal of independence and stamina from the children to allow me to meet with small groups of children during Reading Workshop. I think we are just about there!

Here are some important dates to add to your calendars:

Thursday, Nov. 10: Scholastic Book orders due

Friday, Nov. 11: Veteran’s Day – no school

Monday, Nov. 21 – Friday, Nov. 25: Thanksgiving break – no school

Monday, Nov. 28 – Friday, Dec. 2: Willamette Book Fair

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