Math News!

I am so excited to let you know about an opportunity for you and your child to practice our Investigations Math games at home. Just go to “Math Resources”, click on “Investigations Math Games”, and there you will see all of the Math Games in our current unit for your child to play. Nestle in and let them show you how the game works. The doors will open for some great Math talk.

Some of the games will feel easy for your child, some of the others a challenge, and this in itself will give you some GREAT insight as to where your child is at in his/her thinking. Please note that if something seems totally foreign, it could very well mean that we haven’t played that particular game in class. (We are starting the subtraction games next week.) Please keep in mind that we will circle back over the course of the year on these concepts, so your child will be able to build on and solidify their understanding of the Unit One concepts.

Over this nice long weekend, it may be a great time to explore!

It was so nice visiting with you during our conference time. Each piece of the puzzle is critical, and this one was a big one. Looking forward to the rest of the year.

And by the way, apologies for your email saying that this is Ms. Oliver’s Second Grade Blog. Working on a couple of bugs, you might say. :-)

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