Another Kind of Metaphor Poem

Take a look at these examples of emotions poems. In each poem, a color is used as a metaphor for a particular emotion.
Peace Sadness Fear Boredom Excitement Happiness2

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A Long Walk to Water – Chapters 11, 12 & 13

This week, please spend some time learning about the author, Linda Sue Park.  Below you will find some resources or you could conduct your own search for information.  Especially try and find out her experiences that may have led to writing this book. You may write the information in a Google Doc and share it with me electronically, or write it on loose-leaf paper and turn it in to the basket.  Due Friday, 2/12.


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A Long Walk to Water – Chapters 7 & 8

We’ve talked a lot about context clues in reading this week.  How can you use surrounding text to find the meaning of an unfamiliar word?  There are many opportunities to do some sleuthing in these two chapters. Put on your detective hat and see if you can uncover clues that lead you to solve the mystery of an unknown word!  (Can you figure out what sleuthing means by these context clues?)  🙂

YOUR ASSIGNMENT:  Tell how you used context clues to infer the meaning of an unfamiliar word this week.  There are many juicy words in these two chapters, so I am looking for a large variety of answers.  PLEASE show that you know how to properly capitalize and punctuate a sentence when you respond.

Here are some that are worth taking a closer look at:  whimper, elderly, shirttail, sought, despite, staggered, prow, fetched, monotonous, gauge, abundance, cassava, exception, porridge, awkward, dismounted, abruptly, gourd. Happy sleuthing!

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Long Walk to Water, Chapters 5 & 6

We have been talking about Cause and Effect this past week. In this week’s reading, we learn about some of the effects that the lack of water have on Salva’s and Nya’s daily life. Your homework this week is a two-part question. Please respond to both in the comment section below.
1. What is a water-related cause and effect that you noticed in the reading this week? You can write about either Salva or Nya in your answer.
2. Water problems occur not just in Africa, but in our own country as well. Watch the videos below. Choose ONE video and write about the cause of the water problem, and the effects that the problem has on people in the area.

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Over and Under the Snow

Here is a video we enjoyed today about two animals who live over and under the snow!

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The “Lost Boys” of the Sudan

This is the video we watched in class to learn about the setting of our book, A Long Walk to Water.

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Try your hand at estimating angles!

Click HERE to play “Alien Angles.”

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Hour of Code!

Try your hand at coding during this week’s global Hour of Code.  You can link to the website by clicking on the icon below:

hour of code

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Try Thinking Blocks!

Click on the link HERE to try modeling and solving math problems using Thinking Blocks! You can choose addition/subtraction or multiplication/division.  Which one do you need to work on?

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Growth Mindset and Math

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