Math Resources for Students

YouCubed – Find some fun math activities here!


Subtraction Algorithm – Watch this video from Khan Academy.


X Facts Quiz – Choose a number to practice (say, your x6’s).  Use a  multiplication chart or write out all of the facts for this number to help you study.  When you’re ready to quiz yourself, click on the link.

2-Digit x 2-Digit Mutiplication

Multiplying with Decimals


Division Algorithm – Give this algorithm a try!

Division Derby

Division with Remainders Game


Freddy’s Fractions – A fun game to play to test your mastery of equivalent fractions and decimals.

Marker Math – I hope you know your equivalent fractions!

Battleship Fractions on a Number Line – Find the correct location on the number line and sink the battleship!

Thinking Blocks for Fractions – Be sure to watch the tutorials first before jumping into the models.

Finding a Least Common Denominator – This will make it easy for you to add, subtract or compare fractions.