How to Create a Book Commercial

1. Include the title, author and genre.

2. Include the main characters and the setting. Include character traits
in your description.

3. Describe the main conflict (problem) in the story. (There could be
several conflicts… you may include more than one.) No spoilers!

4. Talk about your opinion of the book. What did you enjoy and why?

5. What kind of reader might enjoy this book?

Make sure your commercial sounds like you! It should not sound like a “list.” Really speak to your audience.

Here’s an example from The Tiger Rising:

I highly recommend the book The Tiger Rising. It is a realistic fiction book written by Kate DiCamillo, who also wrote Because of Winn-Dixie, Flora & Ulysses and several other popular books.

In The Tiger Rising, 12-year-old Rob is a shy, reclusive boy whose mother has recently died. He buries all of his painful memories in an emotional “suitcase” which he keeps shut tight. He is an easy target for the school bullies. He meets Sistine, who is also new to the school. Her friendship helps him unpack his “suitcase.”

Rob discovers a caged tiger in the woods near the hotel where he lives in Florida. Outspoken Sistine urges him to set the tiger free. Rob disagrees, but he also wants to be friends with Sistine. What should he do?

If you are a reader who loves a great story, you’ll really enjoy this book. I loved this book because of the amazing writing. It also hooked me in because I wanted to know if they would set the tiger free.

I hope you will read The Tiger Rising!