1. Ask a driving question

The first step  is to come up with a question that will drive your project.  The answer to your question must require the following:

  • time
  • deep thought
  • research from multiple sources

A GREAT driving question can’t be answered with a single click on a website.  It can’t be answered in one sentence.  It must require some RESEARCH and ANALYSIS (deep thought)!

Here are some GREAT driving questions:

  • Who was Stevie Wonder and why was he important?
  • What is it like in Russia, and how has that country changed over the years?
  • Who gets to vote and how does it work?

Here are some NOT GREAT driving questions:

  • How hot does it get in the Sahara Desert?
  • Who wrote the Geronimo Stilton books?
  • How many different countries are in the world?

These questions can all be answered with one click!

Come up with a GREAT driving question… then tell me about it!

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