Math Extentions

In a mixed-age classroom it’s important to know yourself well as a mathematician. What types of math feel easy to you, and which strategies or concepts are challenging? Below you’ll find a list of links to helpful math websites that compliment the work we do in the classroom.  Sometimes I may direct you to a specific site that I think you’ll find helpful, but feel free to explore any of the sites on your own to see what feels useful or interesting. Don’t forget to note on your homework menu when you visit a math site!


This site has all kinds of activities broken down by grade level. I noticed that in the first grade section there’s a lot of helpful information about identifying and counting money. Some of the site is free, but some of it requires a subscription. Contact me for login information.

Place Value Video

This video reviews the place value work we’ve been doing in class. It’s clear and easy to understand.

Math Magician
This site is similar to the Mad Minutes we do in class. You have to solve a certain number of problems within a minute, and then it tells you what percentage you got right. The only thing I don’t like about this site is that it doesn’t tell you which ones you missed. This is a good site for helping you learn your math facts in a snap!

Cool Math for Kids

This site is FILLED with really interesting math activities and strategies. If you’re into math puzzles check out the “scratch addition” page and see if you can learn the strategy. It’s super cool!

A Math Dictionary

This site can help you build your math vocabulary. Click on a math word and a definition complete with an informative illustration pops up.

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