Homework Demystified

Curious about the Homework Menu? 

In the top section you’ll find the “Must Do Homework Activities,” which are the assignments that need to be completed during the week.  The expectation is that your child reads each night for at least 20 minutes.  They can read the book(s) that come home from the library, or books from your own collection.  Your child may read alone, to you, or with your help.  Any homework that needs to be checked by me should be returned with the homework folders on the last school day of the week (usually a Friday.)

The “Activity Choices” section includes a wide variety of choices in different areas.  These options will change as the year goes on to match our curriculum and keep things fresh.  The rows marked “other” are for you to fill in with any additional intellectual endeavors your child is pursuing.  For instance, keeping a journal at home, researching dinosaurs, or volunteering at PAWS.  Also writing thank you notes, doing “mental math” in the car, or helping with your shopping list at the grocery store.  All of these activities compliment the scholastic and character development work we do at school, and will be honored by me as homework.  Finally, there is a section at the bottom of the menu for sports, lessons, classes, and clubs.  I love to know about all of the enriching activities your child participates in!  The sportsmanship learned on the soccer field often comes in handy in the classroom.

I have tried to include a wide variety of activities to meet all families’ expectations in regard to homework.  Please feel free to make adjustments to fit your family’s schedule and the needs of your child.  If you find that you need more resources please let me know. 

Please let me know if you have any questions!


Willow McCormick


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