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Hello friends!

This is our blog! This year I’ll be posting messages and videos for you to read and enjoy, and you’ll have the chance to create blog entries of your own! Sometimes I’ll post homework assignments here too. As the year goes on I’ll tell you lots more about the blog, and another cool interactive tool we’ll be using called edmodo. Stay tuned!


Ms McCormick

About Ms McCormick

Willow is a Colorado mountain girl transplanted in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. She loves teaching second grade at Willamette Primary School!
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3 Responses to Welcome to Ms McCormick’s Blog!

  1. Ben Rozes says:

    I recommend Garfield because it’s funny, good to read, and it does give some information such as coleslaw is shredded cabbage.

  2. Vance Sheffiield says:

    A just right book for me is Skippy John Jones. I like this book because it is very funny. I also really the rhyming parts.

  3. *Harper Inman* says:

    i am not very good at picking just right books so i think if i wach this vidio
    more than i’ll get much better so thank you ms.mcormick! p.s if anyone could help that would be worth a prase and thanks!

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