Khan Academy

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2.) Sign up with Google

3.) Click on Mission

4.) Work through Mission independently


State Game

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Region Research

Check out the following sites and videos to learn more about your region!

Ducksters Website


United States Region Homepage (This site split the Western region into two separate regions. If you are the Western region group, proceed with caution! Choose your region from the menu on the left side of the page.)


World Book Online

To login to this site use username: wilps password: rivers


Regions Video

Please watch with headphones if you have them!


Regions Rap

Please watch with headphones if you have them!

Landslide Resources

Scientists and engineers have come up with many ways of either preventing landslides, or protecting people from the effects of landslides. Check out the links below to see some of the ways scientists and engineers have solved the problem of the landslide!

Rockfall Barrier


Rock Shed Barrier

House Option

Use these links to help you answer the questions from the article you read about landslides.

Online Dictionary

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