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Decimal and Fraction Games

Follow the link below to select a fraction or decimal game.

Oregon State Bird Resources

More about the Meadowlark/Osprey Debate We will be speaking with our local representative, Julie Parish. Click the link below to learn more about Ms. Parish. Julie Parish In order to form thoughtful questions, watch the brainpop below about how bills become laws. Brainpop-How Bill Becomes a Law

Alien Angles

Practice Test

Pioneer Names!

Short list can be found here:   Long list can be found here:  

Roman Numerals

Start by watching this video. You may want to take some notes! Video   Then try out your new skills with this great game!  

Fraction Game

Equivalent Fraction Bingo  

Alliteration Dictionary

Decimal Games

Animals in the Winter

We have been thinking a lot about animals in the winter, generating questions, and exploring the ways animals survive during this harsh time of year. Click below to read about the three main ways animals survive in the winter. Click Here!