Field trip HW

Click here to learn about our first stop on the overnight field trip.

PS- I’m sorry that the link was not active until 4:00 PM on Tuesday. If you were unable to get this done for homework, you can do it at school tomorrow morning.

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  1. Teddy Skyler says:

    Mr. Dorrestyn, there is no link to the article.

  2. Casen Grant says:

    Mr. D I can’t find the link to the article.

  3. Britta Beecham says:

    I couldn’t find the link.

  4. Reagan Glynn says:

    Where is the link

  5. Cooper Watkins says:

    Can’t find article mr. D

  6. Emily Brown says:

    Mr. Dorrsten, I don’t think that there is a link to the article.

  7. Shuo Xu says:

    Hi ,mr D
    Can you please give us the directions to get to the website about red baker cabin.

  8. Katherine DeVall says:

    What is the name of the link? Or is there a link about baker cabin?

  9. Katherine DeVall says:

    I was wondering if, Katy and Tina’s class is useing the same blog as use so I can use my sisters IPad.

  10. Victoria Jensen says:

    I can’t find the link what is the name of the link?

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