NA tribes on the OR trail

Use these links to choose the three tribes you are most interested in researching.

1) Click Here to learn about your tribe from my favorite kids friendly site, Orrin’s weebsite.

2) Click here to learn from PBS about other tribes that Lewis and Clark and the Corps of Discovery met on their travels.

Make at least one comment below to let us know which tribe you think is interesting. Add at least 2 sentences to get credit for your team.

12 Responses to NA tribes on the OR trail

  1. Reagan Glynn says:

    The nez perce tribe because they were close to the end of the journy. They live in Oregon, washiton, and Idaho.

  2. Marina Sullivan says:

    I learned that the Hidatsa tribe kids had more chores than play time in their daily life. I also learned that the Siox tribe women wore deerskin and elk skin dresses. The men wore Breechcloths and leggings and buckskin shirts. The Shosone tribes trasportation was with dog pulling drag sleds.

  3. Tyler Coke says:

    The Clatsop Indians were a flourishing tribe. They had lots of fish and fur. They had few enemies and had few wars.

  4. Ryan Stout says:

    I think the Blackfoot tribe is interesting. I learned they got their name because of their dark colored moccasins. I think my second favorite is the Crows. I think it is interesting that they live in two different states.

  5. Seth Sorensen says:

    I learned that the Hidatsa hunters used bown arows and war clubs and speers. The Hidatsa lived in north and south dakoda but most of them lived in north dekoda. Also many Hidatsa children liked to go hunting and fishing with their father. Hidatsa women wore long deerskin dresses. Also Hidatsa men wore breechcloths with leather leggings and buckskin shirts.

  6. Hannah Young says:

    I would like to do the Shoshone tribe because I almost read the whole article about them because they are such an interesting tribe. I think they are really interesting because we know a lot about them, but when I was reading I noticed, wow! I didn’t know that there was this much more about them. I would like to study them a nd find out more about them.

  7. Jack Winjum says:

    Chinook, this tribe actually originated in the Claatsop tribe. I am interested in how they split.

  8. Teddy Skyler says:

    I think either the walla walla tribe or the Hidatsa tribe is the one I’m most interested in.

  9. Casen Grant says:

    I learned that the Assiniboine tribe they lived in teepees. They are relatives to the Lakota and Dakota tribes. I would like to study them and learn more about them.

  10. Shuo Xu says:

    I want to learn about the Assiniboine because I learned that they sometimes travel in dog sleds. They life in buffalo hide tepees.

  11. Victoria Jensen says:

    #1 Nez Perce because they are an interesting tribe. I could not stop reading about them and read the hole web sight about them
    #2 Otoe because there tribe is interesting to. Otoe tribe and the Missouri tribe use to be one big tribe but they split up. Once there tribe was getting smaller because of Smallpox.
    #3 Sioux was some what interesting and I learnd that the word Sioux means little snakes. I also learnd that they live in WI,MN,ND, and SD.

  12. Sophia Kelly says:

    1 tribe would be the Shoshone intuiting fact is that that they lived in parts of California
    2 is black foot they use travois
    3 is nez perce they are famous for some of their art

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