HW – Donating to a non profit

Our class has the great honor and responsibility of organizing which not for profit organization will get 5% of the profits from our Willamette Market day! Often, for profit businesses donate to non profit organizations to help make the community stronger. Our Willamette Market day will earn lots of profit for us to go to on our overnight field trip, but we will also share 5 cents of every dollar with a local organization. Which will we choose? That is your homework!

If your family already knows and likes a local non profit, you can just google search it, and take a few notes. You want to post this tonight and tell the class:

1) Name of the non profit
2) The goal or “mission statement”
3) At least one important fact from the website
4) Why you like this organization (this is where you can add short personal stories, extra facts, or other persuasive writing. You can try to convince your classmates to vote for this organization)

If you and your family seem unsure of any organizations, you should think of non profits you have worked with at school, such as:

The Oregon Food Bank

Paws (click on the ABOUT link)

Habitat for Humanity

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  1. Teddy Skyler says:

    Heifer International is the non profits name.
    Their goal is to work with communities to end hunger and poverty.
    For more than seventy years Heifer has partnered and helped communities.
    They’ve worked in 125 countries.
    They’ve helped 22.6 million families lift out of hunger and poverty.
    Nearly one billion people around the world still live in hunger and poverty.
    I like this organization because they help families in need.

  2. Cole Matthews says:

    The name of mine is the Oregon food bank
    One of the facts is in 3 years they donated 1,000,000 food.
    They donate food to people that are going hungry.

  3. Emily Brown says:

    The name of my non profit I’m hoping to donate money to is the humane society. The humane society is a kennel that helps abused, hurt, abandoned, and lost pets. I like it because it helps pets in need. Their mission is to help and find animals new forever homes. They have been doing this since 1883.

    • Sophia Kelly says:

      I think that the humane society is a great non profit because all animals should have a forever home and not be abandoned. I also like that they help injured animals to. I think you choose a great non profit Emily

    • Ryan Stout says:

      I like animals and I want to help animals I think we should help them find their forever home.

  4. Daniel Haj says:

    Oregon food bank.
    One fact from the text is in 3 years they donated 1,000,000 food.
    They give people food now that are going hungry.

  5. Casen Grant says:

    Humane society. Their goal is to help suffering animals. Last year they helped 176,829 animals. I like this non prophet company because they help animals.

  6. Casen Grant says:

    I also like this this non prophet company because I know that animals aren’t suffering any more.

  7. Ryan Stout says:

    Faith in practice
    this is a group of doctors, nurses and support staff that travel each year to Guatemala.
    their goal is to help improve the physical, spiritual and economic conditions of the poor, through surgical, medical and dental mission trips.
    more than 1,200 medical professionals from across the united states and the world travel to Guatemala where they help more than 25,000 patients annually.

  8. Reagan Glynn says:

    Portland Rescue mission, feeds the homeless and gives them shelter. The people who run it are christian. I like this non profit because it can help the people who don’t have homes and it makes the homeless happy because, if you had no home and we’re super hungry and so cold, wouldn’t it fill good if you had a home and food to eat.

  9. Tyler Coke says:

    Youth Music Project is a music school . Their mission is to provide outstanding music education for youth. This school offers free or low cost music lessons to youth. Research shows that music education increases the chance of success in school and can change a child’s life. My sister and I take piano lessons at Youth Music Project. We began taking lessons last spring. I like the teachers that teach me. I believe that this is an excellent music school for children and adults.

  10. Cooper Watkins says:

    The name of my non profit is the Oregon food bank. Their goal is to make sure no one goes hungry. The Oregon food bank would not be the Oregon food bank without partnership. I vote the Oregon food bank because they help make sure People do not go hungry. When I went to the Oregon food bank I could tell that they cared about everyone and that’s why I vote for the Oregon food bank.

  11. Jada Kekahuna says:

    Oregon Food Bank
    An food bank is place were people donate money to help other people who need food. This place also gives them tooth brushes,toilet paper and lots of other things. That’s why I like this place.

  12. Shuo Xu says:

    The name of the non profit organization I wish we would donate to is humane society. Their mission Is to stop animal cruelty . Last year they helped 176829 animal ,if you want to know about this , go to their humane society of united states you find the right one there is a video attached to it. I like this organization because it’s very important to stop animal cruelty.

  13. Hannah Young says:

    The non-prophit organization I found was the West Linn food pantry, they try to give food to people in need. They also only have volunteers who bring in food to help hunger. I would donate to Oregon Food Bank, but they have a big building and their organization is well known. West Linn food bank is in the basement of a church and they do not have as much food as the Oregon Food Bank. Also, they are in our own city so 5% going to them would be a good idea!

  14. Joshua Forseth says:

    The Youth Music Project is a nonprofit music school with a mission of providing outstanding rock, pop, and country music education for youth by offering free or low cost lessons, free instrument use, and exceptional performance opportunities.
    They make music fun and easy to learn.

  15. Joshua Forseth says:

    The Youth Music Project is a nonprofit music school with a mission of providing outstanding rock, pop, and country music education for youth by offering free or low cost lessons, free instrument use, and exceptional performance opportunities.
    They make music fun and easy to learn.
    I know many in the community that would not be able to afford lessons with out the YOUTH MUSIC PROJECT! The building is really cool! They really show the love of art.

  16. Eric Heinrich says:

    The Art Gym, Marylhurst University

    The mission of The Art Gym is to increase public understanding of contemporary art of the Pacific Northwest through thoughtfully organized exhibitions, publications and public discussions. Founded in 1980, The Art Gym has produced hundreds of exhibitions, hosted as many public conversations and published more than seventy exhibition catalogues and books, which are available in print and online. Local, regional, and national press regularly covers the exhibition programs and the gallery is known as one of the most important contemporary art venues in Oregon.
    I like the Art Gym because it teaches people about very tips of art

  17. Aidyn Reed says:

    My nonprofit is the Autism Society. They say they want to”Improve the lives of all affected by autism.” They help many family that have children with autism.I like this nonprofit because I like to help people that need more help than some people. The website said “There are over 9,000 children in Oregon receiving special education services for autism spectrum disorder.”

  18. Jackson DeShaw says:

    The non profit name is World Vision. It is a organization that supports children in over 100 countries by sponsorship. World Vision impacts children by supplying fresh drinking water, food, education and disaster relief.

  19. Seth Sorensen says:

    My non profit name is the Oregon food bank.
    The Oregon food bank is when we donate money to them so they can donate food to people that are starving. One important fact is that the “Oregon Food Bank is efficient and effective. Your $10 donation provides 30 meals for people facing
    hunger”. I like this non profit organization because they are realy generouse to other people because they donate food to people.

  20. Britta Beecham says:

    Willamette Riverkeeper is a non-profit organization, whose sole mission is to protect and restore the Willamette River. We believe that a river with good water quality and abundant natural habitat is a basic public right. The Willamette River belongs to all of us, and should be protected as such.
    I like this organization because I swim in it.

    • Ryan Stout says:

      I think that this non profit should be the one we donate to because people can buy boats and ride them in the river and their boats can get ruined and I like my communitys river clean. another reason is because it helps the environment and I like to swim in the river and ride on boats in clean water.

    • Seth Sorensen says:

      I like this one because it makes the willamette river clean so we can swim in fresh water also their is know liter in the river

  21. Jack Winjum says:

    This non profit organization helps save the children in Nepal who went through a historically bad earthquake. This organization is helping children world wide also. It is called save the children.

  22. Seth Sorensen says:

    I like world vision because it helps other people around the world.

  23. Jack Winjum says:

    This is the best one Becuase it will help save children of the world survive.

  24. Eric Heinrich says:

    I Think that you chose a good nonprofit

  25. Seth Sorensen says:

    I like the humane society because it saves dogs and cats that are hurt and lost and they feed them and give them homes

  26. Cooper Watkins says:

    I think world vision because it helps people that do not have any money and
    I also like the Oregon food bank to and it was my first choice.

  27. Jackson DeShaw says:

    I think the most important is Oregon food bank because I love that it helps people with no money get food.

  28. Britta Beecham says:

    I think Hannah young because she had one for the west linn food pantry they give to people who are starving and can’t afford to buy food.You can donate food there,and they will give it to hungry familys.

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