Bound for Oregon

A summary is a short description of what is most important about a text you have read.

Summarize the main ideas from the beginning of your book. Think about:

What you know about the setting (place)
What you know about the main character
What major events have already happened
Do not include tiny details that you think won’t matter later on in the story
Do include important clues to understand the main character or the main challenges of the book

2 Responses to Bound for Oregon

  1. Teddy Skyler says:

    The main character’s name is Mary Ellen Todd. They live in Arkansas on a snug log house with a barn in their backyard. Mary Ellen Todd has a father who married twice because the first died, her sister Louvina, her baby sister Cynthia, and a Grandma who lives two blocks from her house. Her father is a farmer but was not good at farming so he became a potter. They have about a dozen cows and three horses. Mary Ellen Todd’s mother didn’t want to go to Oregon at first but agreed with Mary’s father after seeing many people going on the Oregon trail. I think Mary Ellen Todd doesn’t want to go to Oregon but will if the whole family goes.

  2. Shuo Xu says:

    The most important thing that you should know about this book is that so far they are planning to go to Oregon and the main characters is a girl named Mary Allen Todd . She has a sister named louvina. Mary hire a lot about the dangers of Oregon trail. Like native Americans .

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