West to the Land of Plenty

A summary is a short description of what is most important about a text you have read.

Summarize the main ideas from the beginning of your book. Think about:

What you know about the setting (place)
What you know about the main character
What major events have already happened
Do not include tiny details that you think won’t matter later on in the story
Do include important clues to understand the main character or the main challenges of the book

2 Responses to West to the Land of Plenty

  1. Marina Sullivan says:

    We know that the characters are on a train heading toward the Idaho Territory. The main character is 14 and hates her whole family. She is a complainer. She used to live in New York. Her name is Teresa. The year is 1883. The men on the train got mad, because they paid good money and the train was going nowhere, but the train started and everybody had to go back to their cars. There are lots of different cultures of people.

  2. Hannah Young says:

    The main characters name is Teresa. She is 14 years old. She is going from New York to Idaho. She HATES her sister. She complains a lot. On the train all the men got mad and then the racist conductor told them to all go back to their car. This is the year 1883.

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