Little House on the Prairie

A summary is a short description of what is most important about a text you have read.

Summarize the main ideas from the beginning of your book. Think about:

What you know about the setting (place)
What you know about the main character
What major events have already happened
Do not include tiny details that you think won’t matter later on in the story
Do include important clues to understand the main character or the main challenges of the book

2 Responses to Little House on the Prairie

  1. Jack Winjum says:

    At the beginning Laura ingles wilder’s father wants to go to the west. He is a real natures man. Laura ingles wilder has one set of parents and two sisters. Already Laura’s dad has traded horses for pony’s. We also know that Laura has great hearing.

  2. Aidyn Reed says:

    The main character in my book is Laura. Her family and their dog are going to move to the west on the Oregon Trail. They have met someone and they traded horses for two ponies.

    By Aidyn and Jayda

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