Diary of Hattie Campbell

A summary is a short description of what is most important about a text you have read.

Summarize the main ideas from the beginning of your book. Think about:

What you know about the setting (place)
What you know about the main character
What major events have already happened
Do not include tiny details that you think won’t matter later on in the story
Do include important clues to understand the main character or the main challenges of the book

2 Responses to Diary of Hattie Campbell

  1. Ryan Stout says:

    The setting is Booneville, Missoura. The main character is Hattie Campbell. So far, one person has died. Hattie Campbell is only afraid of four things: Indians, toothache, copperhead snakes, and her little brothers dying their all she’s got. Hattie campbell’s uncle died and his coffin and body floated away, never to be seen again. The family got a free ride to ft. Independence.

  2. Cole Matthews says:

    The main character is Hattie Campbell. She is 13 years old. Her uncle died on page 2, he died because he fell to his death. His coffin rolled in a lake and the aunt thought it was funny. I think its important that the aunt thinks its funny because people are going to get angry. They live in Booneville Missoura.

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