Mr. Tucket

A summary is a short description of what is most important about a text you have read.

Summarize the main ideas from the beginning of your book. Think about:

What you know about the setting (place)
What you know about the main character
What major events have already happened
Do not include tiny details that you think won’t matter later on in the story
Do include important clues to understand the main character or the main challenges of the book

2 Responses to Mr. Tucket

  1. Joshua Forseth says:

    The setting is just out side of the Rocky Mountains. The main character is Francis and he is 14 we think his father will be a main character because he gave Francis a rifle. He had a birthday! He got a rifle on his birthday.

  2. Eric Heinrich says:

    The main character is Francis. He is boy that likes adventures. He is also very curiouse. Also very brave. He is 14 years olds. The most important idea is that Francis got a new rifel for his birthday. Also his mom made a really good cake for his 14th birthday but he dosen’t want to share with anyone.

    By:Eric & Seth

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