Predictions about Pioneer books

After reading the front and back covers of a book, you should start making predictions about the important parts of this book. Ask yourself:

Where did this story take place?
How might this setting be interesting or different than your life setting?
Who will the main character (s) be?
How might their family be different than yours?
What challenges or problems might they face?
What are some important events that might happen?
How might the main characters grow or learn in the story?
What else can you predict?
What do you wonder?

Write so that your teacher and teammates will understand and enjoy your ideas. Include at least 4 sentences, but hopefully more!

27 Responses to Predictions about Pioneer books

  1. Teddy Skyler says:

    I think they will encounter bad Indian people in bound for Oregon

  2. Emily Brown says:

    I think this book is about a journal about Hattie Cambell.

  3. Ai Ascencio says:

    I predict that the boy in the book will face sickness.

  4. Jack Winjum says:

    Lora ingles wilder will have problems early. I predict that they are going to California. I also think that they will lose their dogy Jack. Also their sister I think will die. My book is little house on the prairie

  5. Ryan Stout says:

    I predict the main character will be Hattie Campell. I think one the challenges along the way will be dangerous Native Americans. I think Hattie will learn to like her parents more. I wonder if anyone dies in this book. I also wonder where Hattie lives. I think the story takes place in 1847.

  6. Jada Kekahuna says:

    My book is The Little House On The Praireii. I predict that a family will be moving in a little house in the woods. I think that they will have some problems with the Native Americans. I think they will go on the Oregon Trail.

  7. Cole Matthews says:

    I think someone is going to get sick or lost or captured in Across The Wide And Lonesome Prairie.

  8. Shuo Xu says:

    I think the Native American are going to cause them trould .this story takes place on the Oregon trail. I think the main character likes to pick flowers,I predi that some thing tragic would happen to the todds . I think they would have some trouble with crossing the Rocky Mountain. I think the main character in the book would have to make a few important decision. The girl might go thourgh very tough times .

  9. Tyler Coke says:

    I predict that the Todd’s family will get stuck in a snow storm in a mountain. I predict that the Todd family will make to Oregon. I predict that the Todd family will cross the Missouri river. I predict the main character name is Mary. How their family is different than mine is that they are wearing clothing like Bonits. I predict that their wagons will be washed away from a river.

  10. Teddy Skyler says:

    I think they will encounter bad Indian people and get stuck in the mountains in winter. I think the main character is a girl and she has a sister, mother, father, and brother. I think the main character wants to go and the only person who wants to stay is her mother. I think their original home is in Arkansas. I predict that the main characters name is Mary, her sisters name is Louvina and her brothers name is John.

  11. Reagan Glynn says:

    I predict, that he takes chases and likes advengers. His name is Jedediah Bardtow. I think he lookes like a 8 year old. I wonder if he has any pets he brings. I wonder if he is happy or sad. I wonder if he has a job, if so what job. I wonder if he Is sad he is living his home and frinds. Is he happy that is is going to Oregon.

  12. Joshua Forseth says:

    I predict that a Pawnee is a type of native American tribe. And I think the main characters are a dad and a son

  13. Brady Chase says:

    I think he’s curios about California and were his grandpa lives. He’s very sad his grandpa leaves. Many wagons are painted and also have words on it.

  14. Hannah Young says:

    I think that Teresa Angelino Viscardi is a pioneer and also that she is the main character. I also think that, Mr.Anderson is a counselor of the trip. I think that Teresa’s family will take a train ride to ft. Independence and then start the wagon ride. I think that Teresa did not want to go on the wagon ride though.

  15. Sophia Kelly says:

    I think that Laura is the main Cartier in Little

  16. Seth Sorensen says:

    I predict that Francis will get captured by Indians and they will bring him back to there home. So then his dad will go looking for him and he will go through lots of adventures. But while his dad is looking for him Francis will escape from the Indians and steel there horses and go find his dad!

  17. Casen Grant says:

    I predict that, Francis will have to work while he is in the Pawnee’s camp. I predict that, they are on the Oregon trail. I predict that, Francis’ family will be very worried when they find Francis missing. I predict that,the man with one arm saves Francis from the pawnees.

  18. Victoria Jensen says:

    I predict that the mane charicter is a girl named Jeresa Angelino Viscardi. I think she will travil by train and she will meat the conductor Mr. Anderson. I think the train Jeresa and her family are on will brake down or something will happen to it. Jeresa and her family may join a wagon train, billed there own wagon or stay where there train broke down. They maybe rode a train to Montana where the Orgeon Trail starts.

  19. Jackson DeShaw says:

    I think that Joshua likes being on the Oregon trail. Also, he is very courageous when dangers come. Some of those dangers are native Americans or desese

  20. Marina Sullivan says:

    I predicted that Teresa Angelina Viscardi is the main character and she is on a train. I think the train is going to break down and she is going to meet a wagon train. If she does, the wagon train will help her family build a covered wagon. Or the train will take an unexpected turn, and go off the train tracks. Then Teresa and her family will make a covered wagon and go toward Oregon alone. Or they might join another wagon train. On the back of the book it says: “…and the Idaho Territory didn’t seem far away…” So I think they are heading toward Idaho. Also Teresa was getting tought on the train. So maybe she is a young girl.

  21. Jacklyn Craven says:

    I think the story will take place in the wilderness. I think it will be different than my life setting because they are in wildernes and we aren’t. I think the main character will be the kid Joshua.

  22. Aidyn Reed says:

    My book is Little House On The Prairie. I predict that they will be moving from their little house in the woods to a little house on the prairie. I think that Laura (the ather) and her family will face many challenges. I wonder if they are going to meet anyone.

  23. Cooper Watkins says:

    I think lots of native Americans will help the Todd family and someone
    Will die in the winter on the mountains. The native Americans mite start to feel different about the Todd family and start to hate them. I think when the Todd family passes through the mountains someone will die because of the wether. I think the Todd familys wagon train will get lost in a blizzard on there way to Oregon. I think many pioneers will die of diseses and will have to make many hard decision.

  24. Katherine DeVall says:

    I predict that they have a small wagon train. And I predict that the boy is curious. I think a challenges they might face is grizzly bears, Indians and staying on the trail. And most importantly, the main character Jedediah Barstow. I wonder how many siblings he I think his family is different from mine is there family has boy things and girl things that are different from each other also they have a lot of layers, and there smile are very strat.

  25. Emily Brown says:

    I think maybe Hattie Campbell’s mom (or dad) will die in the middle or the end of the book. I think that the book takes place in the early 1800s or so. If hattie Campbell is in the wagon train, I think that one wagon train will break or the family in the wagon will die of disease.

  26. Eric Heinrich says:

    I Thinck that the kid will get hert

  27. Britta Beecham says:

    We foun a family problem that the ma dosent want to go,but she has to go because her twin is going and she can’t leave her by herself.and the grandpa can’t because he is too old. Joshua is going but he will really miss his grandpa he knows all hiss secrets and the grandpa will die soon. Joshawa is very excited to go on the Oregon trail.

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