Theme of Wonder

The theme of a book is an important idea that can be found throughout the whole book. It can be the author’s message.

Post what you think the theme of wonder is below. Be sure to edit your work carefully so that everyone understands your point of view. Also, include several examples from the story that show how your theme was important throughout the book.

12 Responses to Theme of Wonder

  1. Joshua Forseth says:

    dont judge a kid by their face judge them by how they react

  2. Hannah Young says:

    Hannah and Brady

    Just because someone looks different, it dosen’t mean they are not special. They can have talents, like the same talents as you.

  3. Tyler Coke says:

    We think that the theme is that bulling doesn’t solve anything.
    By Tyler and Ryan

  4. Aidyn Reed says:

    Don’t judge a person by what they look like.
    By Aidyn and Cole

  5. Teddy Skyler says:

    We think the theme of wonder is that you should be kinder than necessary.

    By Shuo and Teddy

  6. Eric Heinrich says:

    Treat other people how you won’t to be treated

    And joss

  7. Reagan Glynn says:

    Don’t judge your self by your look.

  8. Seth Sorensen says:

    If you be mean to someone it won’t pay off

  9. Jackson DeShaw says:

    If you are nice to people and there not nice to you, still be nice to them because in the long run good things will happen to you.

  10. Brady Chase says:

    By: Brady and Hannah

    Don’t make fun of someone because there different on the outside but they might not be on the inside.

  11. Casen Grant says:

    I think the main idea is, even if the person looks different it doesn’t mean that they can’t joke or have fun. For example, August made a joke that the ugly doll was made after him. Another example is that, Jack said “you should sue your doctor” and August laughed because he thought it was funny.
    By: Casen, Jacki, and Ai

  12. Jack Winjum says:

    Kindness has it’s own reward.

    When jack was nice to augest he earned augest’s friendship.
    When summer was nice to augest she earned augest’s friendship.
    When augest was nice to evryone almost Evryone was nice to augest.
    So yes, kindness has it’s own reward.
    By jack and Emily.

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