Summarizing Wonder

Summarizing an entire book into one paragraph is challenging! Make sure to add some of your own WOW words and emotion so that the summary is interesting. Include only the most important events from the story.

Before you post, edit with at least one partner to make sure that ever word makes sense. Also, check to make sure your punctuation, spelling, and capitalization are all correct. Give credit to your editing partners at the top of your piece.

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  1. Tyler Coke says:

    August Pullman was born with a different face than everybody else. Auggie has been home schooled because he had many facial surgeries. When August went to 5th grade people didn’t want to look at his face. Jack Will asked people about what he should do with August. He was told “to ditch him.” Auggie becomes friends with Summer and Jack. Julian started the Plague game, turning people against Auggie. August and Jack also were bullied by 7th graders on the field trip. Then Amos, Henry, Miles, and Jack stood up for Auggie. In the end, people didn’t worry about August’s face anymore. Auggie had a successful year and he got an award for courage at graduation.

    Edited by Ryan

  2. Hannah Young says:

    Wonder is a meaningful story about a boy named August, he had a craniofacial difference. He has never been to school before because he would get bullied, but then he started middle school in 5th grade. People avoid Auggie, and someone named Julian started to bully him. A boy named Jack starts to be his friend, his best friend. Then Jack bad mouthed Auggie, and Auggie over heard him. After that Jack becomes friends with him again. Julian got mad, so he turned friends against him, first when he said Auggie had the plague, then he made the war where no one would talk to Auggie or Jack. Auggie went on a trip to a nature reserve, on movie night some 7th graders bullied him, and broke his hearing aids. Some of Julian’s friends became Auggie’s friends by standing up for him. On graduation Auggie got an award and no one cared about what he looked like, and they actually wanted to be with him.

    Edited by: Brady

  3. Hannah Young says:

    I like how you put the back cover on where you said “do not judge a kid by his face” That was a good idea!

  4. Eric Heinrich says:

    August was born with a craniofacial difference. August was home schooled and never been to a real school. People avoid him. A kid named Jack became his friend. Jack bad mouthed him. Julian made a war against him. He gets bullied on field trip. People don’t worry about his face.

  5. Teddy Skyler says:


    A boy named August ( Auggie for short ) was born with a craniofacial difference. Auggie had never gone to school, but his mom said that he should go for 5th grade and see how he liked it. At first he detested the idea of going to school. But he still went anyway. At first, everybody was avoiding Auggie. But soon, a few people started standing up for him. Summer and Jack become his friends. But soon, Auggie overheard Jack badmouthing him to Julian, a bully to Auggie. Later, Jack apologized and Auggie and Jack became friends again. Unfortunately, Julian turned people against Auggie and Jack, by using “the war” and “the plague”. The war is where everybody has to pick a side. Julian’s side, Jack’s side, or neutral. The plague is where if you touch Auggie and don’t wash your hands within 30 seconds, you will be bullied. Next, all the 5th grade classes were supposed to go on a field trip to a nature reserve for two nights and three days. Two other schools were going with them. When Auggie got there, he was having a good time until he and Jack were cornered by some 7th graders, who bullied them. But then unlikely kids saved Auggie and Jack from the bullies. Soon, everyone realized what it was liked to be Auggie, so they stopped bullying him. Julian was so frustrated that he quit school. By the end of the year and graduation, nobody cared about what Auggie looked like any more.
    Edited by shuo

  6. Katherine DeVall says:

    This book is called wonder. It about a kid with craniofacial difference. His name is August Pullman. He has never been to school but he is starting 5th grade witch is hard because now he has a bundle of class instead of one. When he first got to school people would stay away and avoid him. Jack that was one of the people that gave him a tour around the school during summer became August’s best friend. Then, Jack started saying bad things about August on Halloween and August said he would come as Boba Fete but he came as bleeding scream and heard. It all got fixed but Julian who also helped with the tour hade a party without Jack and August and turned everyone against them known as the war and the plague. August and his hole grade go on a three day field trip and at the movies outside August,Jack,Amos,Henry, and Miles went in to the woods and meet some 7th graders that called August an alien. August’s hearing adds fell of and one of the 7th graders stole them. It’s the end of 5th grade and it’s August graduation he won a gold metal and in pictures everyone wasn’t taking pictures and he felt like know one cared about is deformed face at all.

  7. Emily Brown says:

    August was an average kid at Beecher prep middle school, except his face. August was born with a craniofacial difference, which means he has a different face than other people. August has never gone to a real school before. He is starting 5th grade at Beecher prep. He thought it would be a normal year at Beecher, but he was wrong. August meets jack will and becomes August’s only friend. All the people at Beecher prep were avoiding Auggie just because of his face difference. At first, auggie was liking his new friend jack, but in the Halloween party at school he heard jack badmouthing him with jullian, August’s worst bully. August thought that jack was his best friend, but he thought wrong for a while. Then Auggie and jack where not friends. Jack tried to convince August that he didn’t do it on purpose. When jack and August where buddies, Julian almost convinced jack to be buddies with him. Jack was so angry at what he said, he punched Julian in the nose, knocking out one of his teeth. Because Julian was not being nice to August, he told his friends about what happened. The war started. You see, the war is because of Julian telling his friends the wrong thing. Jack told it to Auggie, and August asked if it was about him. He told the story. They where friends again. The last day of school- graduation for Auggie. When the last person was called out, the biggest award was handed to August! Every body clapped and cheered and now one cared how he looked.

    Edited by jack

  8. Joshua Forseth says:

    In this wonderful book, a boy named August was born with a different face but not different actions! All his life he has been home schooled, now he is expanding into 5th grade! At school Julian (AKA the bully to August) torments August. Jack (augusts BFF) did more than expected. He goes OUT of his way to be Augusts best friend. Julian takes over his friends against jack & august. Older kids were picking on August on a field trip so, Augusts new friends stand up for him. When August graduates 5th grade almost EVERYONE comes over to him.

    “don’t judge a kid by his face.”
    Edited by Cooper

  9. Jack Winjum says:

    This is a story about August Pullmen. August has a craniofacial difference, which means that something is wrong with his face. He also has an older sister named Olivia. August is attending school for the first time because of his face. His first grade is fifth grade at Beecher prep. At first, many people are mean to him because of his face. An example of the meanness is when classmates make a thing up called the plague where when someone touches August they get his face. Their is one person in particular who is extraordinarily mean to August named Julian, julian try’s to make people not like August. August gains one friend who happens to be his best friend. He was asked to be friend him at the beginning of the year. Unfortunately later that year he bad mouths August at a Halloween party. Then a while later Julian makes something called “the war” where no one could talk to August or Jack. But it ends soon. August has to go on a field trip shortly after. On the trip after a movie some older kids from a different school bully August and break his hearing aids. But jack Punches the bully’s. Also Henry and Amis also threw some punches, which is cool because they are usually mean to August. After the field trip people started to respect August. Except for Julian.
    Edited by:Emily
    The end

  10. Cole Matthews says:

    August is a kid with a deformed face. He has never gone to school, but now he is starting 5th grade. People avoid Auggie at school.Jack becomes Auggie’s best friend.Jack bad mouthed Auggie. Julian turns other people against Jack and Auggie.
    Auggie is bullied on the field trip and new friends stood up for Auggie. On graduation, kids at school like Auggie and don’t worry about his face. I think this book is great, and it also has a lot of emotion in it. By:Cole
    Edited by Aidyn

  11. Casen Grant says:

    By: Casen edited by: Jacki
    There was a boy named August. August was born with craniofacial difference. He was going into fifth grade and he has never gone to a public school. August was going to a real school this year. He was nerves that people would make fun of his face. At school in the hallways and in the class room people avoided he. He meet this kid named Jack. Jack became August’s best friend. On Halloween, August was in a mummy costume and he over herd Jack saying bad things about him. Luckily, Jack became August’s friend again. Julian made Jack and August’s friends not be friends with them anymore, because of how August looks. The fifth, sixth, and seventh graders go on a field trip. August gets bullied and Henry, Miles, Jack, and Amos standup for August. By the 5th grade graduation, everyone liked August and didn’t care about what he looked like. Accept for Julian, but he moved to a different school.

  12. Reagan Glynn says:


    When August was born, he had a craniofacial face. When he gets older, he starts going to school for the first time, and is stating 5th grade. When he went to school people looked at him than walked away. August met a friend named Jack. August and Jack became best friends. Jack said bad things about August, then August forgave Jack and they get back together. Julian made a lot of people turn against August and Jack. August got bullied on a filled trip and a lot of people helped him. At the end of the school year he had a graduation, and no one worried about his face. Never Judge some one by their looks only there personality.

    Edit by: Jackson

    By: Reagan

  13. Marina Sullivan says:

    August is a marvelous kid that was born with a craniofacial face. August August has never gone to school before. Now he is just starting 5th grade with a lot of kids at Beecher Prep School. When August is at school people avoid him. Some people think his face is contagious. Jack Will (or just Jack) becomes Augusts best friend. On Halloween, Jack bad mouthed August and he over heard him. Jack and August get back to being friends again. Julian (Jacks ex-friend) turns other people against August and Jack. People left mean notes in their lockers like Julian, Miles, and Henry. It was known as the war and the plague. When the whole 5th grade goes on a three day field trip, what looked like to be 7th graders bullied August and called him names like alien and Orc. His new friends stood up for August . When Augusts 5th and 6th grade graduation came up all the kids at school didn’t care about his face any more when they were taking pictures. Kids actually wanted to be near him. August is a Wonder.

  14. Aidyn Reed says:

    A boy named August was born with a Craniofacial difference.
    He had never gone to school and now he starts 5th grade. At school everyone always avoided Auggie. A boy named Jack Will became Auggie’s best friend. Auggie came in to the his homeroom and hears Jack bad mouthing him. A mean kid named Julian turns everyone against Auggie and Jack. Auggie gets bullied on a field trip and his new friends Henry, Miles and Amos stood up for Auggie. On Graduation day kids at school like Auggie don’t worry about his face.
    Edited by Cole

  15. Brady Chase says:

    Edited by: Hannah Young
    August was born deformed and he doesn’t go to school. Now he is starting 5th grade but every one is trying to avoid him. One day he gets a tour around the school by 3 kids named Jack,Charlotte and Julian. He doesn’t want to start school but his mom told him you’ll make friends and he did he made friends with Jack and Charlotte. Julian turns people against August and Jack. August gets bullied on the field trip but new friends stood up for him. By graduation day no one cares about August.

  16. Sophia Kelly says:

    August Pollmen was born with a Craniofacial. He has been homeschool most of his life because of what he looks like. Now he is starting 5th grade. He meets a boy named Jack Will who becomes his best friend. Then when a boy named Julien makes a war and every one tern And stops taking to August and Jack. Then on Halloween jack bad mouthed August when he didn’t know he was there. They got in a no speaking fight. When they made up they where going on an over night field trip. August got bullied by 7th graders, but some new friends stood up for him. When he got back to school everyone wanted to be around him. At the end of graduation all the kids wanted to take pictures with him and for the first time ever he didn’t want to hide his face.

    By Sophia
    Edited by Tori

  17. Jackson DeShaw says:

    This is a story about a kid named August and he has a difference but not just a regular difference, he has a rare craniofacial face (a thing that baby’s get very rarely). August has never gone to school and for the first time, he does. A few days before that he meets the principle of the school and three kids. One of the kids named jack got interested in August and wanted to be friends with him so they became friends. At school everyone wanted to stay away from him, they said he had a thing called the “plague” so day after day people stayed away from August. At the end of the school year no one is treating him like that anymore, they don’t care what he looks like, so know people don’t think he’s weird, now they think he’s a regular, ordinary Pearson. So the moral of this story is that if so one is different you should not judge them “don’t judge a book by its cover”

    Edited by: Reagan

    By: Jackson

  18. Victoria Jensen says:

    Wonder summery

    August Pollmen is a boy who was born with a craniofacial difference which means he was born with a face unlike anyone else’s. August has always been homeschooled, because of what he looked like. He was starting the fifth grade but was going to a school for the first time. At school people avoided August but Jack Will became his best friend. When every one was in their Halloween costume at school August overheard Jack talking about him behind his back. Later they left it behind them and became best friends again. Soon a popular boy named Julian turned most of the grade against Jack and August. The fifth grade goes on a field trip and some seventh graders bully August but Jack and some new friends stand up for him. At the end of the school year, at the fifth and sixth grade graduation, kids at school didn’t care what August looked like. They all wanted to take pictures with him.

    By: Tori
    Edited by: Sophia

  19. Shuo Xu says:


    This book is about a boy named August, ( Auggie for short ), who has a craniofacial face whose life is nothing like ours. The story all stared when Auggie’s mom made him go to school for 5th grade. He has never gone to school before. Can you imagine the courage he muster Unfortunately, people avoid him and called him name. But Jack Will met August on the school tour and became his best friend . Sadly, Jack said things about August that were very mean. Auggie heard it. How would you feel if suddenly your best friend betrayed you behind your back? After Jack punched Julian, a school bully, he turned all the other people against August And Jack Will. Can you imagine that everybody suddenly doesn’t talk to you anymore? When Auggie Pullman went on a field trip he was bullied by a bunch of 7th graders. But surprisingly, people that were once Auggie’s enemy stood up for him. In the end, when they are at the graduation, everybody likes Auggie. The main idea of this story is always be kind and try to be kinder than necessary.

    Edited by: Teddy

    • Marina Sullivan says:

      I like how you put in a lot of things that weren’t on the note page. I also liked how you added in “how would you feel” in a lot of the things that people should pay attention to.

  20. Cooper Watkins says:


    August is a deformed kid.
    He is going to school for the first time.
    People avoid him at school he does not care.
    he makes a new friend named jack.
    jack bad mouthed August and he secretly herd.
    julian terns everyone agents them.
    he gets bulled on their field trip but Jack and more boys help stand up for him.

    Edited by Joshua

  21. Teddy Skyler says:

    We think the theme of wonder is be kinder than necessary.

    Shuo and Teddy

  22. Marina Sullivan says:

    You can have fun even through ups and downs.
    Kate helped with this idea a lot.

  23. Jack Winjum says:

    Kindness has it’s own reward

    When jack was nice to August he earned a friend.
    When summer was nice to August she earned a friend.
    When August was nice to evryone he earned almost evryones friendship.
    So yes, kindness has it’s own reward.
    By: Jack and Emily.

  24. Ryan Stout says:

    It all started when, Auggie a boy was born with a craniofacial difference. He’s always been homeschooled but now he is starting 5th grade. When his parents asked him if he wanted to go to school he didn’t want to but his parents persuaded him to just check it out. There he met, Jack,Charlotte and Julian. Then he started to go to school. Him and Jack became friends. Julian started to bully Auggie. Then, on Halloween Jack bad mouthed Auggie. And Auggie overheard him. Later, Julian called Auggie a freak and Jack punched him in the mouth. Then, Julian turned the almost the whole grade against them. It was overnight field trip and Auggie was bullied and lost his hearing aids but new friends helped him. By graduation kids at school didn’t care about his face anymore.

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