Homework Information for Parents

Homework Folders

Homework folders are to carry items from school to home and back again.  These items may include newsletters, returned work, homework packets and school information. Please go through these folders on Monday evenings.


Homework (Please see Homework Expectations at the bottom)

Homework is assigned and given on Monday and is due back on Friday. Homework should take students about 35-40 minutes (not including daily reading) to complete each evening (or an hour with reading). Homework is designed to be a review of what we’ve covered in class already so if your child finds the homework very manageable, we are happy. On Mondays, homework for the week is reviewed for questions at some point in the day. If students have questions regarding homework, they are welcome and able to ask about them at any time.  Please encourage your child not to wait until the last minute (Friday morning) to ask a question or voice a concern about his/her homework. If homework is returned, totally completed on Friday then students are able to participate in choice time. If homework isn’t returned or totally completed, we have time to sit down with the student(s) and chat about a new plan for next week.

 Independent Reading

Students are expected to do at least 20 minutes of reading each evening. They may read with a partner, to a partner or silently, but your child should be doing the reading. A reading log can be found in the homework packet. We would like students to tell us what book they are reading from each night and answer some questions about their reading. Students can write in the space provided in the log or attach a piece of paper of their own. One to two sentences about what they read is enough. We would like our students to fill out their own reading log (not parents) as it helps us gain a better understanding of their ability. They do not have to read from the same book every night, but we encourage students to find a book they can make connections with and read for a short period of time. Our goal is to help foster a love of reading in each one of our students.

Homework Expectations

  •  All homework should be completed in pencil.
  •  All work must be labeled with your name and the date.
  • Your work should be neatly and carefully written so that it is easy to read.
  • Keep your homework clean and unwrinkled.
  • Be sure to check over your work and edit it
    • Did you use capital letters and periods where they belong?
    • Did you check your spelling?
  • Remember to always do your best.

Bi-weekly Poetry

Every two weeks, students are expected to choose a poem, write it out including title and author and illustrate it. They should memorize at least the first four lines of the poem and then recite it on Fridays. This assignment encourages students to develop time management skills, introduces them to poetic language and helps them work on their presentation skills. We find reciting poetry in front of the class often really helps students meet their speaking benchmark with ease and success. Throughout the year, students compile all of their poems into their own poetry book that they take home with them on the last day of school. Students may use published poetry or write their own poems.



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  1. Thea The Thursday Fairy
    Kirsty and Rachel were going to the aquarium when they got there they started to look around. Then they saw a goblin in the fish tank wearing a snorkel mask and big flippers. Thea got out the book of hints for helping them how to find the magic flag.
    They went to the whale exhibit they saw two whale sharks. This is a good book for you but make sure you check your reading level. Also read the book to know what the books about. You can find it in the Willamette primary school library. Enjoy your day reading fairy books. shy

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