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  1. I read Harry Potter And the prisoner of Azkaban. I read for an hour and forty minutes. Harry has a broken broom stick to play quiditch with. On Christmas morning Harry found a long but skinny present and it did not tell who it was from but it was to Harry,Harry opened the present and it was the all new firebolt!. Earlier,Hermione was accused for Crookshanks eating Scabbers alive but he was not eaten alive.

    Harry found out that Crookshanks is a friend of a black dog that scares the living day lights out of the wizard witness. Harry ends up near the whomping willows and finds serious black there and Harry potter kept on casting spells on black but he always uses the charm partego and it backfires the spell at the caster. Crookshanks jumped onto blacks chest and did not let go Harry potter wanted black to suffer as much as Harry potter could make him in fact Harry wanted to kill black because black helped lord Voldemort kill James potter and Harry’s mum. Ron found out that his family pet Scabbers is not ordinary rat he can transform into a human actually he is a human. I recommend this series to people who like fantasy,magic and adventure.

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