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  1. Smile
    First Raina was dropped off at girl scouts for a scout meeting and she told all girl scout kids about her getting braces. After girl scouts she was going to be first to go home. When they got there one of the girls said lets race to the door. Raina said wait up and she tried to push one off the girls but she tripped and fell. Her mouth was bleeding and her two front teeth. she saw one of her teeth laying on the grass. One of the kids got her mom and dad. This is a funny weird book. Also get the other book called Sisters.

  2. Isabella The Air Fairy
    There was two girls named Rachel and Kirsty. Rachel lost her shoes and both had to find them. So they found them just in time to leave the house to the car. They were going to River Rapids. When they got there they wanted to go to the movies and watch a movie. The parents said they will be back at 4:00. They know a new fairy adventure was about to begin. Go check out this book. And reply! Enjoy!

  3. Polly The Party Fun Fairy
    Once there were two girls. Their names were Rachel and Kirsty. They were on a bus. They were going to jamboree. They talk and talk until they got there. It was cool but it was a little hot. After they had to do a obstacle course. First they walked across the beam then under a net jumping on buckets and then they have to score in a basketball hoop then they got on boats. Get this book at the public library enjoy.

  4. Samantha The Swimming Fairy
    Once there were two girls. They were outside playing with a dog. The girls names were Rachel and Kirsty. The mom came out and said i think it is a good day to go swimming. The girls wanted to go swimming but they have to go to aqua world. Because the other swimming center is closed. And the mom put them on a bus. Then bus was going and they wanted to stop so they pressed the button. The bus stopped and they got out of the bus and walked to the closed swimming center. Read the book. Go to a book store. Its so good. Enjoy

    Once in a kingdom named Arendelle two little girls were sleeping. Their names were Anna and Elsa. Anna woke up and wanted to play with Elsa but Elsa said play by yourself and pushed Anna off the bed. Then Anna had a idea and said do you want to build a snowman Elsa grinned at Anna and they both went down stairs into the ballroom. Anna said do the magic do the magic. Elsa did the magic. Elsa made snow all over the ground and Anna was happy. Then Elsa made a snowman named Olaf. Anna loved Olaf she ran over to the snowman and said i love you Olaf. Get the book about it. Also i know everyone watched the movie. Enjoy

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